Thursday, January 18, 2018


     After yesterday's embarrassing outburst at a high-level White House meeting, the Corporate Media hyenas have been slamming the Trump Administration for removing reporter Jim Acosta. The fact that he was behaving like a raving maniac---giving both the American press and public a bad name in front of Kazakhstan's president---notwithstanding. 

       The Media ignored the achievements made during this meeting. Though it took some searching on the web, we found a Kazakh news outlet in English and added it to our links. The Kazakh media gave an entirely different (i.e. based in reality) perspective on the meeting: highlighting a new era of positive relations between our two countries. During the second half of Obama's term, American trade with Kazakhstan declined by nearly half between 2012 and 2016. The Trump Administration successfully negotiated a bilateral agreement worth $7.5 billion and both countries. Kazakh President Nazarbayev hailed a 'new era' in US-Kazakh relations. Nazarbayev, it should be noted, introduced some of the very same tax reforms as Trump's in Kazakhstan last year.

       The above photo---not seen in US news feeds--- is of American trade delegate Ray Washburne and the CEO of Kazakh Invest, Saparbek Tuyakbayev, signing a $3 billion comprehensive trade package for American investment in Kazakhstan. Among the largest investors is General Electric, which has contracted to build at least 300 railroad locomotives there. In exchange, Kazakhstan is purchasing about a hundred Boeing aircraft. In spite of the massive anti-Trump howling of the Liberal Seattle Establishment; this is the third major contract for Boeing that Trump has secured: China and Malaysia agreed to buy hundreds of American-built aircraft in 2017. 

       In addition, Kazakhstan also lifted some unspecified agricultural embargoes and Trump reciprocated by allowing certain imports.  

     IWEP, the leading Kazakh economic think-tank reported "For Astana (the Kazakh capitol) Washington is one of the key partners in foreign policy and a major economic investor. As Donald Trump has noted, America regards a strong, sovereign, and independent Kazakhstan as a valuable friend and strategic partner in Central Asia. Our main benefits from interaction with the Americans will be the accumulation of high-tech innovations. The new agreements will allow Kazakhstan to realize digital efficiency in the economy."

      Kazakhstan will also chair the UN Security Council. President Trump praised Kazakh efforts in global nuclear weapons control as well as its counterterrorism efforts. 

       "Upon the advent of the new Administration and Trump's 'America First' agenda, the issue of America's decreasing role in our internal affairs was discussed." the IWEP statement pointedly noted. "However, the meeting between Nazarbayev and Trump indicates that the role of the region's relationship with the US is at a high level."


       The two Presidents also signed a bilateral military agreement coordinating efforts between the Pentagon and Kazakh Defense Forces to combat terrorism. Trump also endorsed Kazakhstan's petition to join the International Cybercrime Convention.

       So there we have it: the news that the US Media ignored---drown out by Acosta's rampage. All of the above, though, were reported in BNews, the Kazakh English-language service. Not to belittle Kazakhstan here; but it's a sad commentary on the state of the American media when we---literally in this case---have to go to the other side of the planet to get to the truth. 


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