Sunday, January 21, 2018


     2018 has already been a rough year for Red Pill cult-guru Vox Day. Not only did his attempts to import his Game Ideology into comics get laughed out of public discourse, but now we learn that another of his endeavors to infiltrate legitimate Science Fiction organizations has failed too. 

      Jon Del Arroz, one of Vox' disciples, is a third-rate writer and a first-rate Internet troll. Only a week after being told he was persona non grata at the Worldcon Convention, Del Arroz found his application for membership in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. 

       Predictably, this stirred up a lot of outrage among the Gamers---who never miss an opportunity to play the victim card. Del Arroz, whose name means corn extract in Spanish purports to be "America's Leading Hispanic Science Fiction Writer". And he's playing the race card just as he has with every other rejection he's ever experienced. Vox Day---himself the only SFWA member to be expelled since its founding in 1965---took up the same meme. That's somewhat ironic given the reasons for Vox' own downfall in the organization. 

        And, too, we're treated to the same tripe that SFWA is a 'converged' organization discriminating against people on the basis of their politics. Again, this is without any foundation in fact. Conservatives make up a huge percentage of Science Fiction fans. But let us look at SFWA's own statement:

        "We did not take this step lightly and are sensitive to suggestions that this action is due to the writer's political opinions. It is not. SFWA does not, and will not, impose a political test or a political standard for membership."

          Then, in a follow-up letter published by Del Arroz himself, the SFWA leadership gets a little more explicit:

         "Based on online statements and your behavior during the past year, the Membership Credentials Committee believes that it has good and sufficient cause to deny your membership in order to keep SFWA virtual and physical spaces harassment-free and have done so."

          The inclusion of the term 'physical spaces' is telling. This was, in part, a decision based upon members' fears for their personal safety. And in case anybody suspects that this is hyperbole, SFWA gives the following examples of Del Arroz' conduct:

         "Threatening to film people without their consent at SFWA private functions; soliciting people on social media (including Facebook, Gab, and Twitter) to troll and harass other professional authors---including SFWA members and board officers; and SFWA officials of doxxing your children, supporting pedophiles, and racism, among other attacks."

         Stripped of all the diplomatic language, SFWA is essential saying that Del Arroz---like his leader, Vox---is a nutcase and only hopes to foment trouble within the organization at his Master's bidding. 

         Del Arroz was ejected from WorldCon for many of the same reasons. Their statement banning him read: "We made this decision simply because he has made it clear that he fully intends to break our Code of Conduct. We take those threats seriously. WorldCon 76 strives to be an inclusive place, as difficult as that can be; and racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable at our WorldCon. This expulsion is one step towards eliminating such behavior and was not taken lightly."

        After exhausting his vocabulary of canards to throw at SFWA, Vox tries to slough off his latest defeat by claiming that membership in SFWA is irrelevant to a writer's success. Must be why he's run for SFWA President, tries to infiltrate it with his disciples, and cheats at every Hugo Awards ceremony to gain their recognition. 

         SFWA's decision has been roundly applauded by most in the literary world; and we too support their decision. Organizations have every right to set their own criteria for membership and deny those who blatantly go against their rules. This is why we say that the Red Pills are really little different than the Cultural Marxists---another group who infiltrates organizations and imposes political correctness. 


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