Monday, January 22, 2018


       We hadn't really intended a sequel to the last post, but the thugs who slavishly follow Vox Day have taken to some nasty tactics in retaliation for the literary community not bowing to their over-inflated egos. In a Facebook post that his since been deleted for violating policy, some Red Pill claimed to have exposed Science-Fiction blogger Camestros Felapton as an Australian philosophy professor named Meadows. 

       It has been reported on good authority that the instigator of this rumor---like many other Red Pill/Game Cultists---has a fairly extensive police record. This includes multiple charges of Filing False Police Reports and Criminal Harassment. In other words, he's a crank. Camestros himself has denied that he is Meadows; but that hasn't stopped the Alpha Bully-Boys from harassing both him and the unfortunate professor.

       Even though the doxxing attempt on Camestros is based on an obvious and transparent  lie, a pulp-writer named Brad Torgersen (who is a disciple of Vox Day's) repeated the falsehood at his blog, Mad Genius Club. Not only repeated it, but embellished it considerably. And Torgersen's ravings were repeated and expanded on further at Vox Populi. 

         The problem here is that the innocent Professor Meadows has become the target of Vox' vindictiveness. Vox---ever the hypocrite---plays the Victim Card, accusing Camestros of harassing him. And, Vox includes in his article the name of Meadows' university and its anti-harassment policy. Hint, hint, winky-winky nod-nod, Minions: flood the university with demands that Meadows be fired. Because we all know that, unlike Cultural Marxists, the Red Pills never would enforce Political Correctness in the workplace, right?

         And then this disgusting Torgersen on top of it gripes that Camestros attacks "Libertarian and Conservatives". Our answer to that is that it's Red Pill fanatics like Vox, Torgersen, and Jon Del Arroz who give all Conservatives a bad name. The Red Pills/Alt-RINO Manosphere piggybacks on the Conservative Movement; but they are no more a part of it than LaRouche's whackos represent the Democratic Party. 

         Think of it this way: many of the top people writing Science Fiction today lean politically Liberal, although Libertarians and Conservatives make up a large plurality. How do we bring more Conservative values back into literature when fools like these Alt-RINOs are the image of Conservatism that people like Camestros sees? Better they see genteel and intelligent images like that of the late author Robert Heinlein, a Conservative politically and also regarded as "the dean of Science Fiction writers." Heinlein was an advocate of self-reliance and self-improvement, and despised those who blamed 'society' for their failures. Vox and his disciples would do well to follow that example themselves.

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  1. Well... couple of things.

    1) publishing really is that bad (and note that i found non-right sources here and these turbed up while i was searching for ANOTHER instance)

    2) mad genuis club is not Brad's blog. It's a group blog among which Brad is one of the writers. Not sure how you call Brad a disciple of Vox's, but after the stuff the sf/f community put him and his family through (like calling his wife & daughter "shields") it's understandable he's feeling a little attacked.