Friday, June 26, 2020


    The term White Privilege was invented by Marxist Academia, glommed onto and promoted by the Mainstream Media, and now is held up by self-hating Whites and Communist Revolutionaries carrying on the coup. The term is entirely a fiction because no racial policy ever existed in the United States on a national level. 

    Those orchestrating the coup, however, are employing the term as part of their program to undermine both our culture and economy. The purpose of it is to force a sense of false guilt upon White Americans---and there is no shortage of NPCs and opportunists willing to jump on the bandwagon. These Whites are hoping for a share in the New Order, and they know they'll get one. The Elites don't care about Blacks in general. Sure, when the Red Republic is inaugurated, a few Uncle Toms will be hired who are acceptable to their White overlords. And, as well, White Guilt will be an excuse to keep us enslaved to the State---working to pay high taxes for things like Racial Reparations. The Communists are simply buying off the Black Community to form a new Middle Class: one which will exist on Welfare rather than Free Enterprise. 

  Like every other word from the Left's mouths, White Privilege is an utter lie. The fact is that Whites have suffered badly under the discriminatory and race-baiting politics of the era immediately before Trump. It's blatantly apparent from the kneeling and mask-wearing that White men in particular have been marginalized. Let's have a look at the institutional racism that supposedly exists in America:


    So, which American racial group is fraught with problems that our racist culture is ignoring? It looks to me like Black America isn't exactly the only one experiencing problems. Maybe our social problems have a lot more to do with failed social policies emanating from the Left. 

   But it's not in the interests of the Coup to advertise these kinds of facts. Their success depends on their ability to dupe the majority into believing that they deserve to be enslaved and debased. Meanwhile the coup leaders laugh in their sleeves as the cities burn. 

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