Friday, July 29, 2016


     An angry member of the Game Cult took some exception to our exposing the truth about them recently and left a warning that the Gamers were discussing us at one of their sites. What they are saying or discussing is really of no relevance to us. Fanatics are prone to behave in such ways.

      What makes a fanatic is really not difficult to understand. Fanatics are people whose souls---or egos if you will---are so void that they must link their entire sense of self-worth to a cause. Psychologically healthy individuals, too, feel a need for an adherence to a greater purpose---an ultimate meaning in life. In healthy people this is typically filled by a religious faith or by a philosophy.

      But religion and philosophy require study, exploration, and thought. This is not enough for the fanatic: who wants everything answered by a quick and easy formula; and to be part of a movement whose members are superior to all others. They invariably therefore see themselves at war with a world-at-large who fails to recognize their greatness. The fact that, for untold millennia, humans existed without their superior, secret knowledge is of no consequence to them.

       The Game Cult, the Radical Feminists, and the Gay Mafia are fanatics whose entire Ego Identities are dependent on their sexuality and sexual practices, in the same way that other fanatics might adhere to a religious cult or political gang. The Gamers add an pseudo-Christian element to their beliefs---a cultish trick designed to give an aura of Divide Authority to their absurd beliefs. As an example, one Game leader who calls himself The Voice of God, published an article today explaining how Christ contained within His Being all the elements of Gamer Masculine Archetypes. How all this came to be unnoticed by 20 centuries of popes, saints, theologians, and mystics is not explained. 

       The most dangerous thing about the Game Cult is that is calculated to capitalize upon victims of our current social dysfunction. The Cultural Marxists have created a social milieu in 21st Century America where masculinity is not valued, men are marginalized and openly discriminated against. When the sickly specimens of masculinity like those displayed at both recent political conventions are held up as male role models; it is small wonder that the extremism of the Game Cult appeals to lost and socially alienated men.

       But joining a cult and pretending to be an 'Alpha' solves nothing. All that the Game Cult actually contributes to society is to take the worst Cultural Marxist stereotypes of masculinity and convert them into virtues. What American men need to do to reclaim their rights and natural positions in society is to press for social reforms. The reasons why this not happening is not because they are Betas or Omegas or whatever. It's because American men have largely abdicated their responsibilities as fathers, guardians, and community leaders in exchange for Cultural Marxist promises: access to cheap and easy sex; unfair economic advantages; and no responsibility for the young---all things the Game Cultists fully endorse and encourage.

         The Gamers do not represent Masculinity any more than the Male Feminists do; they are really two sides of the same coin. Recognizing them for what they are is the first step to reclaiming American manhood.




  1. This was really well stated. Sorry about the complaints, such is the nature of fanatics. Reclaiming American manhood, that's a great concept. The gamers don't understand, but one thing that is so appalling about their behavior is that it is a shabby caricature of manhood, a negative one.

    1. The Gamers will never learn. But, as you've said, there are a lot of wounded and disoriented men today---and exposing the Gamers for what they really are can prevent others from being taken in by them.