Saturday, September 22, 2018


     Sadly, there's been another death in the family (metaphorically speaking). A long-time blogger who went under the name of Zippy Catholic was killed in a cycling accident earlier this week. This news came to us via Zippy's colleague, blogger Mark Shea. It's unknown how old he was, but he left a wife and three children.

     Zippy was linked here on our blogroll since we began in 2016. His posts were typically pithy and to the point. It was in the comments and discussions sections that the debates really went on. Zippy was a Catholic layman and, by his own admission, wasn't a formal scholar. Many of his views were controversial and he was somewhat given to neologisms and inductivism. Nonetheless, his views always squared with Catholic teachings as he understood them. He was one of the few bloggers who would call out fake Conservatives and Alt-RINOs. And one thing I always admired about him: he'd stand up for his beliefs without apology.

     Shea also notes that Zippy was a pilot. It's a shame that we know so little of his aviation and other adventures aren't better known, because I'm certain there were a lot of them.

     Somewhat off-topic, but reading the comments at Shea's site was an exercise in patience. A few Left-Wing trolls have infiltrated the discussion; and their hateful statements under such circumstances are utterly revolting. I'm certain that if Zippy were with us, he'd remind us all that such persons represent exactly what we're fighting against. 



  1. Very sad! Sad for those left behind, but I believe he has gone home. Our loss is heaven's gain.

    He and I clashed a few times, but I think there was some genuine respect there. He was intelligent and I like how his mind worked.


    1. Yes, Zippy definitely enjoyed debate. From what those closer to him are saying, he must have been quite a character off-line too.

      The last year's been tough on the blogosphere. We've lost Bob Wallace and Sir Guy; and now Zippy.

  2. A few Left-Wing trolls have infiltrated the discussion; and their hateful statements under such circumstances are utterly revolting.

    Sadly, you must not be around Shea's blog much because "left-wing trolls" is now his standard commentor. There for awhile his ban list got so bad it was the equivalent of slate over there though in recent months he seems to have cleared out the ban list. Whether this was by choice or a site update I don't know, but the left is entrenched there enough few on the right even bother.

    1. Actually, I'm not a regular reader of Shea's blog. I remember reading it because he had some familiar knowledge of Zippy for purposes of this article. If I remember right, he was the first to report it.
      I've heard other negative things about Shea's blog since too, so I don't link to him on the Blogroll.