Wednesday, September 5, 2018


    Today, after a fairly routine US Senate inquest into allegations of foreign tampering with social media, Senator Marco Rubio attempted to give a statement to reporters gathered outside. Suddenly, Alex Jones---recently banned from several internet platforms for inciting civil unrest---interrupted the Senator and shouted down reporters. 

    When Rubio began advocating for competition in social media, Jones suddenly began screaming about alleged censorship of his own program. "What about Democrats purging conservatives?" Jones shouted, and grabbed the senator by the shoulder. When Rubio warned that he would defend himself, Jones roared to the press that he was being threatened.

     Jones didn't let up for three straight minutes, calling Rubio a "frat boy," accusing him of being a homosexual and in collusion with China as the crowd stood by in shock. Jones also began boasting pompously of his 'millions of supporters.' 

      Senator Rubio left the podium in disgust. Later though, he told reporters from The Miami Herald that "If you keep making crazy people into superstars, you get even crazier [the media] give these guys way too much attention."

     The Senator has a point. About the only good thing that came out of this incident is that the Mainstream Media got a chance to see what their own behavior looks like when somebody else does it. 

     And that's another point. Even the Left-leaning Miami Herald noted with some ironic amazement: "The interruption was not from an impatient reporter or a Liberal protester." We're accustomed to seeing this kind of behavior from the Whacko Left. But it doesn't belong anywhere on the Right. And given the fact that Congressmen Scalise was shot at a baseball game and Senator Paul was brutally beaten in his own yard---not to mention the road rage, violent protests, and restaurant confrontations---it's a wonder that Rubio didn't follow through on his warning as preemptive self-defense. 

      All Conservatives must hold ourselves to higher standards. We are perfectly justified in distancing ourselves from people like Alex Jones. During the 90's, Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase Character Matters. William F. Buckley said the same earlier; and more anciently than either, Christ taught that by their fruits you shall know them. Conservatism and Liberalism bear different fruits. The whole concept of political correctness is based on the philosophy that there is no distinction between one's actions and one's beliefs. Thus Liberals see nothing wrong with illegal, immoral, or uncivil actions if they advance 'correct' beliefs.

      Alex Jones encouraged his followers to harass Sandy Hook survivors; no different in spirit from Liberals encouraging confrontations in public venues. Jones violated social media terms of use; no different than Liberal groups doxxing, brigading, and troll-storming Conservatives. Jones encouraged violence at protests; just like Antifa does. Today Jones shouted down a Republican Senator; who else do we know who does that? 

     Jones' actions are not the fruits of a Conservative philosophy. That's something we all need to keep in mind, because such fruits never bring good results.



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