Sunday, September 2, 2018


     The Media and various interest groups have been milking the death of Senator John McCain for all it's worth (to them). It's too bad that they didn't feel the same way back in 2008---we could have avoided Obama, Clinton, and Kerry and our country would have been much better off. If he'd been the GOP nominee in 2000, we'd have avoided Bush Junior and his Merry-Men as well. 

      What's troubling to me is seeing some of the really vulgar and disgusting commentary coming from so-called Conservatives, who should know better. Admittedly, there were times when McCain made political decisions and said things that were angering. When a historical figure's life ends, we can assess his character only in an analysis of his total life. One thing we keep hearing is that McCain was really a Liberal. So we did some research of Senator McCain's lifetime ratings among various Left-Wing interest groups. Here are the results:

Planned Parenthood: 9%
Food Policy Action: 0%
Animal Welfare Institute: 0%
Defenders of Wildlife: 8%
Common Cause: 0%
League of Women Voters: 17%
NAACP: 17%
ACLU: 11%
NEA: 0%
American Federation of Teachers: 0%
Progressive Punch: 13%
CAIR: 75%
Brady Campaign: 14%
SEIU: 8%
AFL-CIO: 16%
American Federation of Gov't. Employees: 0%
Americans for Democratic Action: 5%
Human Rights Campaign (Homo Lobby): 0%

    Overall, McCain's positions seem to indicate a Moderate-Conservative stance. Certainly not a 'Liberal' or 'as bad as Obama',  by any means. How did he score with Conservatives?

National Right to Life Committee: 100%
National Federation of Independent Businesses: 100%
US Chamber of Commerce: 82%
Americans for Prosperity: 89%
Campaign for Working Families: 100%
NRA: 64%
Sportsmen's and Animal Owners' Voting Alliance: 100%
American Conservative Union: 82%
Citizens Against Government Waste: 94%
FRC Action: 82%

     From a Conservative standpoint, that's a fairly respectable showing. But one would never know that from reading the Corporate Media or Alt-RINO sites.

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