Saturday, September 29, 2018


    The Kavanaugh Hearings have generated a lot of controversy, but all of it is controversy circumventing the real sociological problem which underlies it all. Beginning with the Clarence Thomas Hearings of the early 1990's, our culture---led by fake 'elites' in Media, Academia, and Government---have gone on a full-scale anti-male witch hunt. We recently saw the revolting spectacle of actor Bill Cosby destroyed over no more than rumors of committing heterosexual acts at some time in the remote past. With Kavanaugh, we're told that sometime in High School, he got drunk and chased girls. 

    Because, really. Young men in their teens and early twenties never have wild parties and have no interest in the opposite sex. Or, if they do, they shouldn't. Thankfully, the Media has come on the scene---along with DNC apparatchiks---to expose the national horror that young men enjoy parties and sex. 

    The Kavanaugh Hearings reflect nothing other than the nadir to which our 'cultural elites' have sunk. Since the cesspool that was the Thomas Hearings occurred, both prominent and ordinary men who've been admired or worked in respected jobs have been systematically torn down upon the flimsiest pretexts. Some were acquitted but had their reputations destroyed. Others were jailed on very dubious legal grounds. This is no accident. There are elements within our culture which hate masculinity with a passion. 

    It wasn't always this way. A man was somebody with whom women and children felt safe. The Whacko Left Wing and their Feminist and Homo confederates have created a social milieu where men are feared by women and children. I recall reading on Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog of a German sociological study about Western attitudes towards men. The question simply showed a picture of a smiling adult male watching some children at play. They asked the question: 'Who do you think that this man is?' Respondents in Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy mostly believed him a father of one of the children. Or, the second most popular answer was that he was a passing stranger waxing nostalgic of his own childhood. But in the US, UK, and Canada the top answer was the man was likely a pedophile. Tell us again that we don't have an issue with men in this country.

     We need to start recognizing and confronting this issue. Men are the natural protectors of women, children, and society at large. An emasculated society is in grave danger. I think that most women and children understand this instinctively; but cultural pressure forces these sensibilities into the background.

     The other side-effect of anti-male hysteria is that many men will withdraw from their responsibilities and turn against the very society that they should be defending. Men are instinctively afraid of insignificance. A society that rejects heroes will produce thugs. White Supremacists, gangs like MS-13, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and extremist religious cults reach out to alienated men and offer them the purpose that effete postmodern society denies them. 

      Who's really behind this, and how can we change it? The answer to the first question comes simply by asking: cui bono? Who benefits socially from turning women against men and destroying male role models for children? Here's a clue. It's also no accident that the same Leftists who promulgate anti-male hysteria also have no issue promulgating pro-homosexual policies and giving them access to children. Which leads us to the issue of change.

     It's up to women to see through this propaganda and start realizing that it is the Left and not men who are their real enemies. They need to understand three basic things:

    1. The Left's purpose in emasculating society is that they leave women and children defenseless against their own political power-plays.

    2. The Left's goal, by their own admission, is to promote androgyny and sexual anarchism. Their support for 'sexual liberation' is a smokescreen and they are just as sex-negative towards heterosexual women as they are to men.

     3. The Left cares nothing about children except to deprive women of their rights as nurturers, protectors, and educators of the young and force them into male social roles wherein women will uphold the Left with their labor and taxes. 

     The Kavanaugh Hearings are an opportunity for women to start turning the tide. If women turn their backs on the Left, then the Left will be finished and their schemes will never come to fruition. Let's see women start taking back the future. 



  1. Good article. This is what Sir Guy would have said.

    Yes, it's up to women. It's so hard to reach people because the Left controls the media, and so many are completely indoctrinated, but many of us are trying.

  2. It's up to women...

    I'm not so certain. The evidence is suggesting to me that women are not capable of, and are not meant to be placed in, such responsibility.

    Almost without exception it appears that women have not the ability to think of men as a whole except in their utilitarian value to them, or else they think of them not at all. The exception to this is when a woman has a husband, father, brother, son. Then she is able to transcend this utilitarian thinking, and to do so often heroically, but only in these particular cases.

    We saw evidence of this on display in social media with the Kavanaugh hearings. Twitter was abuzz with women calling other women to stand up for Kavanaugh because you have sons, fathers, husbands, brothers. Not simply because Kavanaugh is a man deserving the basic human dignity of due process against an accuser.

    This is not a knock against women per se. As I said, their loyalty is often heroic within the confines of the domestic sphere. The problem is that women are largely inhabiting places other than the domestic sphere, and their apparent inability to understand how basic human dignity belongs to all men for the latter's own sake is causing great harm to the political health of the nation.