Thursday, September 6, 2018


     Yesterday afternoon, 45 sheriffs from across the United States visited the White House. They met briefly with President Trump and presented him with a plaque for his good work in fighting crime and illegal immigration. 

     Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County, Massachusetts stated during the ceremony that "we have been trying for the last 20 years to get Congress to move on the security aspects of immigration reform and nothing has happened. And what's really amazing, Mr. President, is that with your strength of purpose and the commitment to your convictions, you've accomplished more in less than two years in support of law enforcement's dealing with illegal immigration than Congress has in two decades!"

     The sheriffs applauded, but the Media Hyenas who were present gnashed their teeth at hearing Trump being praised. And their bile only worsened when, during Trump's acceptance speech, the President praised law enforcement personnel for persevering in their duties in spite of media negativity. 

     One unnamed Hyena in the Press Pool blurted out (though it had nothing to do with the sheriff's meeting): "There's an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times that says, 'I am part of the Resistance inside the Trump Administration. Your reaction?"

     The President turned to the Sheriffs and said: "Can you imagine? We have somebody inside what I call 'the failing New York Times' who claims to be part of the Resistance inside of my Administration!"

     The sheriffs burst out laughing, which only infuriated the media swabs some more.

     "This person works for the Administration, they said!" the reporter screeched.

    Trump turned again to the Sheriffs and said: "This is what we have to deal with. And you know the dishonest media---because you people deal with it as well as me---but it's really a disgrace."

     The President then went on to scold the reporters for ignoring the manifold accomplishments of his Administration. He concluded by saying, "So the failing New York Times has an anonymous editorial...'Anonymous' meaning gutless. A gutless editorial."

     The Sheriffs broke into an enthusiastic applause and the Media was hooted out of the room. Naturally, the Corporate Media didn't report any of this, but there were numerous articles treating the op-ed---an obvious forgery---as serious news. 

    The full text of the President's speech is at the White House website, however. 

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