Thursday, January 26, 2017


     The Dallas Independent School District in Dallas, Texas placed high-school art teacher Payal Modi on Administrative Leave this week after she suffered an hysterical breakdown during a video of Trump's Inauguration. Some of the students caught Modi's enraged outburst on their I-phones, and posted the images on social media.

      Modi was showing President's Trump's speech on a large screen in the classroom when she suddenly jumped up with a squirt-gun and began screaming "Die! Die!" and began blasting away at Trump's image in front of the stunned students.

      Dallas ISD refused to talk to the local media about the incident; nor would they explain exactly how Trump's Inauguration was relevant to an Art class. It does illustrate, though, roughly the character of the typical public schoolteacher here in the Prozac Nation. Only two weeks before the Election, Fort Worth Middle School teacher Cory Heath lost it and gunned down two of his neighbors, allegedly during a drunken fight.

      Whether or not Trump turns out to be a good president or not, one of the clear lessons from the 2016 Elections is that the Liberal 'Elites' who have run our country for nearly 30 years are anything but 'liberal' or 'elite'. From the campaign onward, the Wiki Leaks exposures; the blatant media malpractice; and---above all---the post-Election insanity, are making it plain to Americans that their community leaders are mostly a collection of neurotics, criminals, and perverts.

      The amount of social irrationality that we've witnessed since last year is truly remarkable. Certainly we have had violent aftermaths of elections before. But in previous cases, they were generally connected to some specific issue or ideology. What makes the anti-Trump demonstrations unique is that there doesn't seem to be an causality between the President and the violent reactions he provokes.

      For example, it's doubtful that Payal Modi wishes Trump's death because she believes that Mike Pence would be a better president. Likewise, it's doubtful that Rosie O'Donnell calls for Martial Law because she believes that a military dictatorship would be more benign than the dictatorship that she imagines that Trump is planning. And so on. None of these people protesting Trump in the streets have the slightest idea of what they would do if Trump disappeared tomorrow.  Their whole focus is on destruction for its own sake.

     In traditional psychology, it is recognized that this type of fixation and obsession has its roots in the subconscious desire to destroy what a person or object symbolically represents. For these anti-Election types, Trump is a representative figure of the evil they secretly desire to destroy within themselves. As a case in point, when someone like Madonna wants to blow up the White House because Trump is allegedly a 'sexist'; what she really wants to destroy is her own hatred of men and Trump---in many ways---symbolizes the apex of masculine achievement. Similarly, other anti-Election outbursts come from various neurotic motives; not a single one grounded in any kind of reality. Generally, simply asking one of these types for the main reason that they hate Trump will reveal their underlying motivations.  

      Obviously, this does not apply to those who oppose Trump on purely ideological or political grounds; but people of this persuasion are expressing their opposition in rational and socially acceptable forms. We have to understand here that the outbursts we're currently are coming from our own failure during the last three decades to keep people like these out of positions of authority. Now it's time to drain the swamp.



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