Tuesday, January 3, 2017


   It seems that some more of America's brave men and women in uniform have run afoul of the law both at home and abroad. And no wonder when we have recruiters like Sgt. Julian Prezas, a decorated Army veteran, who pled guilty in San Antonio last week to lying on federal firearms forms, and facing other charges.

    Prezas was arrested after a sting operation caught him and others funneling assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Prezas has confessed that he knowingly sold "dozens of weapons, with the help of other soldiers," to these terrorist gangs. He is scheduled to be sentenced in March.

     Mexican news media sources have long claimed that corrupt US military and federal agencies have been aiding and abetting the criminal gangs along the Mexican border. In June, two soldiers from Ft. Bliss in El Paso were arrested at a border checkpoint trying to smuggle illegal immigrants into the US. The two were paid $1,500 per immigrant by Mexican gangs.

     The 'Trash Culture' and Political Correctness that Americans have allowed to permeate our public schools has spread into the military, just as it has our universities. It's difficult not to argue that have really lost an entire generation because of the negligence and malfeasance of Academia, Media, and Government---and because of a complacent population which has allowed it to happen.

    The Military, like Public Education, however; are sacred cows never criticized by the Media and held in awe by the general public. But both have been failing; and failing radically. Simply because the Corporate Media fails to report crime in the military---or dismiss it as 'a few bad apples'---is simply an evasion of the facts. The Fat Leonard Scandal alone has involved hundreds of Pentagon officials: yet is covered up to protect Obama and his predecessors from criticism over their military social engineering schemes.

     Sgt. Prezas was a recruiter, and who knows how many other crooks he brought into the ranks. Is this an isolated incident? Hardly. In the last two months alone, a Navy recruiter in New York was arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Murder and a USMC recruiter was arrested in New Jersey for exposing himself to children and luring them into his vehicle.

     In Fort Campbell, Kentucky last month---home of the 'elite' 101st Airborne Division, two soldiers were arrested for murdering a drug dealer while attempting to purchase marijuana. Two others from the same division were arrested the same month in connection with the murder and kidnapping of a local woman.

     These incidents are the products of nearly 30 years' de-masculinization of the schools and military. Our culture is no longer turning boys into men; instead it's turning boys into weaklings, thugs, and perverts.

     The new Administration has talked about rebuilding our infrastructure; but we can see that our social infrastructure needs rebuilding as well.

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