Monday, January 2, 2017


      There are times when reading editorials in the foreign press that one begins to believe that our own media is the one US industry that actually deserves to be outsourced. China's official Party newspaper, The Global Times, published an editorial today of the type that no American editor would dare write---but should.

      Chinese television has apparently been experimenting with Reality-Shows. One of these features Chinese families screening eligible potential brides for their sons; and it has apparently generated considerable controversy in the Chinese social media. The Party has officially spoken out; expressing its disgust and displeasure both with the program and, more importantly, with the social attitudes that bring such programming about.

      The important thing about this editorial is that applies to American society just as much as it does to China's---if not moreso here. The Editors flatly tell the Chinese public---Chinese men especially---to stop thinking like infants and start behaving like adults. To its credit, the Chinese Elites evidently haven't the same patience with the Snowflake Generation that ours have. 

     The article cites Dr. Wu Zhihong, one of the country's top psychologists, who says that "a majority of Chinese adults' mental age seems to be stuck at that of a 6-month old baby. This can explain a series of current social phenomenon including a number of 'Mama's Boys' and poor familial relationships." Dr. Wu also agreed with social media commenters who said that the show's men "behave like spoiled big babies, who want a mother instead of a love."

     The article continues: "However, after years of marriage, the wife has to take on the responsibility of caring for her children, doing household duties and focusing on her career. All the while, he is only interested in playing video games with his son, and not coming to her aid...while she has to grow up at full speed as a new mother, he is still acting like a boy, not knowing what she wants or why she is anxious...

     "Being accustomed to the lifestyle in which they are the absolute center of the universe, they tend to have no clue how to empathize, help and make compromises with others. In the face of conflicts, especially interpersonal relationships, some are too lazy to ponder the root cause. Believing that problems are inevitable, trying to ignore or escape from the problems are often their first choice; until one day, their games are over before they grow up."

    If only some American editor would say this: not just to the Pajama-Boys but to the 'Giant Infants' of the Manosphere who teach men that such behavior is masculine and desirable. The Manosphere writers---men who are old enough to know better---teach younger men that such selfishness and immaturity is the natural order of things. The Chinese editors here describe Red-Pill behavior and relationship-psychology perfectly.

    The Manosphere Red-Pills try in vain to pretend that there is some great social gulf between themselves and the Snowflake-types by inventing fake hierarchies in which they are the 'Alphas' and others are relegated to inferior statuses. But the reality is that there is no difference. Mature men leave the care of their mothers and seek out a woman of their own to care for and support. One either behaves maturely, or one does not: taking the Red Pill does not automatically make a man a grown-up. In fact, it's more typically a rationalization for their own immature behavior. 

    The editors conclude with advice for China that we Americans would be well-advised to heed also: "However, shifting the responsibility of immaturity to a mental disorder should not be a closure, but a starting-point. Now that we know what is wrong, it's time to solve this riddle in pragmatic ways and make the giant infants grow up." 



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