Saturday, January 14, 2017


     A story that's been making the rounds on the Internet and Twitter today centers on the unusual transition of power on Inauguration Day within the DC National Guard. General Errol Schwartz, their commander, has been effectively relieved at 12 Noon on January 20th, in the middle of the Inauguration Ceremony.

     Though somewhat against traditional protocols, this story ordinarily would be a non-issue. However, the Corporate Media and the Radical Left are blaming Schwartz' removal on Trump (though Obama is the only one could have done this). They're also raising non-existent 'security concerns' arguing that the DC Guard will have no leadership. This, of course, is fake news, because command automatically devolves upon Schwartz' second-in-command officer.

     What is troubling about this story is that the Media---with Obama's apparently complicity---seems to be cultivating the illusion that there will security gaps during the Inauguration. Now, this is the same Corporate Media which has been whipping up anti-Trump hysteria since November 8th.

     Why is this important? Because a lot of unbalanced whackos in the US have been listening to celebrities warning of coups, Russian infiltration; as well as calling for outright martial law or other illegal means to keep Trump from assuming office. Some of these same whackos are now listening to the Media talking about potential security failures at the Inauguration. In other words, our Corporate Media has just set out bait for anyone who wants to become the next Lee Harvey Oswald.

     Unless a potential assassin is armed with an ICBM, such an attempt would have no prospect of success. These types of presidential ceremonies are typically better guarded than an average US Military base. But the Left does likely desire the disruption and chaos that would occur from such an incident.

    We've been writing a lot recently here about mass-communications being employed to radicalize people and trigger unstable individuals to action. The Corporate Media here is doing exactly that. Trump is probably in no real danger of harm from a command-shift in the DC Guard. But if a crackpot imagines that he sees an opportunity here...then the Corporate Media walks away afterwards and say that they had no responsibility for it.

    Censorship is not the answer; and yes, the Media has a right to report a story like this. Whether reporting it---and certainly the construction they've put on it---is responsible reporting or not is another matter. 

    The American public needs to start holding purveyors of information accountable for these kinds of tactics. Freedom and Democracy are largely about self-policing. We need to call out stories like these for what they are. Just making the public aware of them foils many such plans.


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