Monday, January 16, 2017


    The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult, many of whom work hand-in-glove with the Far Left to foment racial hatred have come up with an 'alternative' holiday to MLK Day. The new meme is to honor Confederate General Robert E. Lee instead. Blogger Vox Day, an expat living in Italy, apparently came up with the idea. He writes as follows at Vox Populi:

    "This would actually make a potentially effective meme next year. Instead of celebrating the sacred martyr of an alien tribe, celebrate a true American and a hero of Virginia and of the South."

    There are three things that Vox seems to have overlooked here. First is that the alien tribe didn't immigrate to the United States of its own free will. Secondly, General Lee actually fought for a system that kept Blacks here, whether they wanted to stay or not. Third, it's difficult to comprehend how a man who led a rebellion against the US Government qualifies as a true American.

     Martin Luther King, in contrast, was a Christian minister who advocated civil rights through peaceful means. His entire message essentially was that the Constitution not be overthrown, but enforced. Blacks, he claimed, should demand that their rights as Americans be respected; and that discrimination was de facto, illegal. Which the Supreme Court agreed with in several cases heard during the middle 20th Century.

     Robert E. Lee, a son of the privileged Southern Aristocracy, lifted up his hand against the Constitution and joined the Secessionists who---much like the Whacko Left today---refused to recognize the legitimacy of the 1860 Election. The Confederate leaders were the 'not-my-president' types of their day. They adopted numerous illegal means to subvert the government, including setting up rump-state legislatures in Border States where they couldn't obtain Secessionist support. The most notable example was Texas: where a real American hero, Sam Houston was governor and stood firm for the Union. Houston was ousted from office by a sham convention, which demanded he take an oath to the Confederacy. Houston said:

    "Let me tell you what is coming. After the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, you may win Southern Independence if God be not against you, but I doubt it."

Sam Houston, Patriot
      And just as Leftists today do; the Secessionists harassed Houston with everything including death-threats; and he died in virtual obscurity in 1863. The illegitimate government that Lee served was guilty of numerous Crimes Against Humanity. The brutal POW camps like Andersonville and Salisbury; illegal executions of Union soldiers; property confiscations; press censorship; forced labor---these were the characteristics of the Noble Cause that Lee supported. And it is no doubt the type of Regime that the Red Pill Cultists would support.

      Granted, we believe that other notable Americans besides the Reverend Dr. King should be honored with holidays as well. But it is absurd to argue, as these Red Pills do, that King is not a true American patriot and hero; while Confederate officials should be venerated instead. King's Christian vision for the future was one where we are all Americans; under one God, one Flag, and one Constitution.


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