Sunday, January 8, 2017


    The New York Post, a Murdoch-owned tabloid, had an article yesterday which has gone somewhat viral among Conservatives.  The author is essentially pointing out that many of the effete Hollywood Left who, by today's low standards, pass for celebrities are planning to make some anti-Trump scenes at tomorrow's Golden Globe Awards and next month's Academy Awards ceremonies.

     Neither one of these events have been relevant in many years; and very probably are totally rigged. Nonetheless, these productions are carried out for the benefit of low-information Liberals, who hang on the edge of their seats waiting for one of these nobodies to say something 'controversial'.

     Most of today's Hollywood celebrities would, at the apex of their careers, achieved little more than parts in TV commercials during Cinema's Golden Age. But this is what is considered talent in Postmodern America.

     The author of the Post article points out that these 'celebrity divas' offend half of Americans who supported Trump. Which really illustrates how dumb modern celebrities really are. In the past, celebrities had appeal because they were identified with their roles and kept their politics to themselves. The old-school studio producers were businessmen who considered actors employees; and publically spouting off about politics could effect the audience---to whom they happen to be selling their product. Few people even today know that the heroic-looking Gregory Peck was a Left-Wing Socialist; or that the petite and charming Patsy Ruth Miller was pretty hardcore Far Right. This is because we identify Peck with the stolid, stand-your-ground officer in Pork Chop Hill and Miller as the tender-hearted heroine of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Which is also because their job was acting---not running for political office.

     But in our day, when the personal is political, even entertainers have to be defined by where they stand on national politics. This unwholesome trend really started during the late 1960s and has reached the point where elected officials and news pundits go straight from the Media to positions of power. The irony that's lost on these Hollywood Leftists is that Donald Trump---the very man they're all protesting---is arguably a product of the same sociopolitical dynamic that they created themselves.

     The article points out some of the ridiculous statements coming out of these celebrities---most of whom appear to be too dumb to understand that they are among "the privileged millionaires and billionaires" targeted by the Left-Wing radicals whom they universally endorse. Katy Perry tweeted "The Revolution is Coming" apparently not understanding what Anarchists like the Chicago Four might actually do to people like her in a real revolution.

    Similarly, Rosie O'Donnell, Michael Shannon, and Debra Messing signed an open letter ---published in The New York Times--- calling for "millions to flood the streets to prevent Trump-Pence from taking office before January 20." Seriously, who would follow any one of these three clowns in revolutionary action? These idiots have no idea what they'd actually do if they succeeded in overthrowing the government.

    Chris Evans, who played Captain America in a politically-correct rip-off of a fairly good 1940s movie serial, whined on Election Night in a viral tweet that, "This is an embarrassing night for America. We have let a hate-monger rule our great nation." And so on, and so on.

    Why is Postmodern Hollywood so decidedly to the Left? The reason is because today's Hollywood---like today's Liberalism---is totally based on fraud. Hollywood is an oligarchy, like the Democratic Party, run by incompetents who don't deserve wealth or fame; but achieve success by posing as populists while palming off inferior products onto a gullible public whom they actually despise as inferiors. The DNC and Hollywood are exactly parallel in their social attitudes and moral conduct.

     Hopefully, with the downfall of the Clinton Machine, we'll see a downfall of the Corporate Media as well. They aren't the invincible super-race they portray themselves as being. Seeing past the superficial is the first step towards reform.


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