Monday, January 23, 2017


   President Trump today signed an Executive Order reinstating a Reagan-Era policy barring international NGOs from receiving federal funding if they provide, or if they are in any way connected to, the Abortion Industry. This ruling will mostly criminal enterprises like Planned Parenthood, who have been caught trafficking in abortion-related biological by-products.

    Despite the howls from Left-Wing interest groups, who receive contributions to overlook the Abortion Industry's activities, Trump's order will not cut off legitimate medical Foreign Aid programs. Most of these can still receive funding if they eliminate abortion-related activities from their programs.

    The so-called Abortion Rights Movement  always was primarily leveled at poor and minority populations. Several foreign governments have already banned these US-based NGOs for this very reason.

     The Life Education and Resource Network, a Black anti-Abortion group whose advocacy efforts are completely ignored by the Corporate Media noted that Black women account for 12% of the US population but 37% of American abortions. Contrary to Corporate Media propaganda, the live-birthrate among American Black is actually now below replacement levels, according to LEARN. This has been the true objective behind pro-Abortion groups like Planned Parenthood---which cynically adds insult to injury by selling aborted Black fetuses to corporate interests at a profit.

     Planned Parenthood and similar gangs have been carrying out the same policies abroad. According to their own website, their primary areas of activity internationally are aimed at Central/South America and Africa. What a farce it is then, for pro-Abortion interests to claim that Trump's policies are discriminatory. Countless minority children abroad will be saved by Trump's actions.

     Every human life conceived has potential for good or evil; and abortion robs Society of that potential as well as the child's right to life. Poverty or wealth is irrelevant; some of our greatest human benefactors were born poor and some of the worst scoundrels born rich. And vice-versa. A free society is the best guarantor of success from poverty. Consider the sheer number of our own US Presidents: among them Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, McKinley, Eisenhower, and Reagan---who were born in abject poverty. We would never have benefitted from their achievements, had their mothers exercised the right to choose.

     Trump's actions today are a step in the right direction; now it is time to defund and stop these groups at home as well.


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