Saturday, January 28, 2017


    A story that went viral yesterday and then disappeared from the Corporate Media was about a man named Robin Rhodes. Rhodes is from the Boston area and CEO of a cryogenics company.

    On Friday, Rhodes went berserk at JFK Airport. He ran screaming to the office door of a 60-year old female Moslem executive, shouting "What are you doing in there? Are you sleeping? Are you praying?" Rhodes then screamed obscenities as he kicked in her door and attacked her, ripping off her headscarf and kicking her violently.

    "You've done nothing, but I'm going to kick your f-----g a--!" Rhodes bellowed at the terrified woman; making incoherent references to ISIS, the Moslem faith, and President Trump. The woman managed to escape, but the deranged Rhodes chased her, then fell on his knees in a mock-Moslem prayer stance and roared:

    "Trump is here now! He will get rid of all you! You can ask Germany, Belgium, and France about these kinds of people! You will see what's coming!"

    Police swarmed atop Rhodes and dragged him kicking and screaming from the scene, with Rhodes cursing the shocked audience and making obscene gestures at them on his way to jail.

    The Corporate Media pounced on this story, highlighting Rhodes' references to Trump. Several bloggers followed their lead, speaking of the 'deranged Trump supporter.' But is this true?

     It seems that the Corporate Media left out a little detail about Robin Rhodes. His social network and personal accounts were suspiciously scrubbed right after the incident. But a reporter named Reza Gorhesi of the online pop-culture magazine The Empty Lighthouse dug a little deeper and found this interesting tidbit about Rhodes:

    "According to the FEC, Rhodes appears to have given money to James McGovern, John Kerry, and Scott Brown."

     Well, well, well. Now this hardly sounds like a Trump supporter, now does it? Even the Corporate Media stories quoted Rhodes' mother as saying that his behavior (as the Media spun it) was out of character, and seemed to imply that Rhodes followed some rather Politically-Correct hiring policies.

     This revelation puts a slightly different construction on the story. Because it appears now that the truth is that Rhodes is actually another in a growing list of Left-Wing 'Elites' who've cracked up in public over Trump's Election. The fact that the Corporate Media doesn't seem especially interested in following up this story---like they normally would for a real Trump- supporter who broke down like this---ought to raise some red flags.

     This is another example of why nothing in the US Corporate Media should ever be taken at face-value. Always verify anything they say before accepting it as truth.



  1. The MSM will bury the truth about this, but hopefully Tucker Carlson will cover it. His ratings are already twice what Megyn Kelly's were. I thought, however, that Scott Brown was a conservative - if so, the guy sounds a little bit confused politically.

    1. Scott Brown was a Republican but a lot of Massachusetts Democrats in protest of their party's nominee that year. I checked on the 'Open Secrets' site and it doesn't Rhodes ever supported any other GOP candidate.

  2. Thanks for your words, they help to bring some clarity to all this confusion in the world. Locally we had a panicked group gather up and head to the airport to protest because "President Trump and his jackbooted thugs are rounding up and detaining 2000 people there." Actually the 2000 people are protesters, but let's not worry about reality here, we're on a mission! Than Elizabeth Warren, in theory a leader, runs to an airport herself and leads people in this creepy chant, that frankly kind of scared me. Very cultian.

    So, you're like a breath of fresh air in the midst of complete chaos and hysteria and I appreciate being able to read your words.

    1. Thank you for your support. The protestors actually caused more travel delays and confusion than Trump's Order did.