Wednesday, January 4, 2017


      Four thugs are in custody tonight in Cook County Jail after posting a live-stream video of themselves kicking, beating, and cutting a man whom they'd kidnapped and bound. The hoodlums could be heard in the background throwing Anti-Trump insults at the helpless prisoner. Authorities say that the victim was a 'special-needs' man who'd been reported missing and was known to the attackers. In other words, these punks picked on a disabled man; adding cowardice to their other crimes.

       Andrew Holmes, a Chicago community activist, called the attack "horrific" and Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson vowed that punishment would be swift and sure. The thugs were drinking and laughing at the victim's plight and blowing marijuana smoke in his face.

       All throughout 2016, we saw numerous outbreaks of this kind of Anarchism: a Trump supporter in Chicago was carjacked and beaten by another such gang in November. These incidents are occurring nationwide; and of course they are being coordinated and encouraged by interested parties. And before the race-card gets played in this incident, it should be noted that Holmes and Johnson are both Black themselves; and that White racists may also have their fingers in the cash-drawer.

      All Americans, of any race, stand united against politically-motivated violence; because all such movements seek to rob us of our freedom. These Black Chicago Anarchists essentially behaved no differently than White lynch-mobs used to do; with the races reversed.

     The victim, at last report, was treated at a local hospital and released.


  1. That's really horrible. It's terrible they picked on a special needs guy. Uhg.

    I too have been tracking Trump related incidents. Right after the election many people were reporting being attacked by Trump supporters, but they never passed the smell test and everything I saw was quickly debunked. There have been a few quite real attacks against perceived Trump supporters, however. I'm praying it settles down and we have a calm and peaceful inauguration.

    Also, while these guys are certainly to blame for their own actions, the media continues to be really irresponsible with the amount of rhetoric they are spewing.

    1. Some of the other bloggers to whom we link have been exposing the allegedly pro-Trump attacks as hoaxes---most notably 'Moonbattery' and 'Pirate's Cove'. I agree that the Media is to blame for a lot of this. They're all playing up the racial angle of this attack already to distract and divide people. The one thing the Government, Media, and public schools don't want people thinking about is: "Where do people like these thugs and Anarchists get ideas like this?" Because the fingers would point right back at them.