Thursday, January 26, 2017


    The University of Kansas, a taxpayer-funded cesspool of Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism, boasts that its School of Social Welfare is the top-ranking Social Work college in the state. Lately though, the School has gone in a big way for Left-Wing Radicalism---even forcing out its rather Liberal Dean last year for being insufficiently ideologically pure. 

    Now the School has been caught manufacturing and distributing anti-Trump propaganda. The flyers were advertised on social media with this notice:

     "At this point, you have heard about the neo-Nazi groups recruiting on campus since the Inauguration. Below are pictures of a flyer from the School of Social Welfare, available in Twentie Hall, on how to spot coded racist language and symbols; and how to respond to any flyers, chalking, conversations, witnessed harassment and the like. The flyers list who you need to contact both within your school and at the university level...we cannot allow fascist racism to become a normalized and integrated part of our community."

     Nothing necessarily wrong with students fighting Naziism; although the reference to reporting conversations sounds a bit Nazi-like in its own right. However, among the "Nazi Code Words" listed are phrases like 'Make America Great Again'; 'Anarcho-Capitalist'; 'Alternative Truth/Facts'; along with a few other questionable terms like 'Alt-Right' and 'Men's Rights Activity' (which some Nazis have co-opted). The authors of this document also consider opposition to Safe Spaces as suspicious behavior.

     The University of Kansas has become known for these kinds of antics. Late in 2015, the Student Senate adopted a regulation removing gender-specific pronouns from official University literature; and more recently, the University Library has begun offering buttons which students can wear next to their diaper-pins signifying which gender they wish to belong to, or none at all if they prefer. Faculty have been forced out; pro-Trump harassed and mobbed, etc.

      The people of Kansas need to step up and put a stop to this out-of-control behavior. Kansas hasn't voted Democrat since Lyndon Johnson won the state in 1964. Put down the Hookah pipes; stop worrying about the Jayhawks' football season and start thinking about building schools that turn out future leaders and professionals again.

     This Academic rat-hole sucks $1.86 billion out of the US economy for no redeeming social purpose whatsoever. A look at their list of alumni on Wikipedia reveals that the University hasn't produced anyone of distinction---outside of sports---for several years. This is another university whose heyday is long-gone; and it's really time to consider seriously whether public funding for it has any further justification.



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  1. a taxpayer-funded cesspool of Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

    My guess is that this describes nearly every public university and community college in America, and most primary, middle, and high schools as well. It's been going on a long time. College students have to vote with their $$$. As for the pre-third level schools, parents have to organise and fight back, on a much greater scale than they have been. The stranglehold of the NEA monopoly must be broken.