Sunday, January 15, 2017


    Trump's first foreign policy challenge may be coming on the horizon shortly after the Inauguration from an unlikely place: the tiny island nation of Bahrain. Our Corporate Media---far more focused on publishing lurid gossip about bed-wetting prostitutes and children lured into pizza-parlor basements---has ignored a situation which has been spiraling out of control for some time.

     Bahrain is a geopolitical time-bomb set by Obama, Clinton, and Podesta that is on the verge of going off at any moment. The island the headquarters of the 5th US Fleet, a major oil exporter, and once was an exotic, though little-known tourist destination. Bahrain has been ruled by Sunni Moslem monarchy since the 1700s, although the population is predominantly Shiite. When Bush Junior stationed the fleet there, the Monarchy drew closer politically to Wahhabi countries like Saudi Arabia and has embraced the extremist cult. When Clinton and Soros initiated the so-called 'Arab Spring' in 2011, the Bahraini people began demonstrating against Wahhabi rule and for democracy. Little did they realize that the Arab Spring was intended to promote Wahhabi rule.

     Thus, the Obama Administration looked the other way while the Bahraini Regime imported troops from Saudi Arabia and the UAE to crush the demonstrations. Things have gone from bad to worse there ever since. Demonstrations are increasing, the Government becoming even more repressive.

     This Sunday, the Bahraini Regime executed three men who allegedly bombed a police station in 2014. We say allegedly because this was anything but a fair and transparent trial---many in the Arab World believe this to have been a 'show trial'. Iran, Bahrain's neighbor and natural ally to the Shiites have been protesting the executions the most; the Ayatollahs are calling for fairly harsh measures against the Regime.

     There are reportedly running street-battles and demonstrations breaking out all over the island. The Bahraini people are at a breaking-point and this situation could end in an all-out civil war. And as small a country as Bahrain is, the implications of that scenario are even worse for US interests than the Syrian Civil War.

     Trump has opportunity here to make the moral choice; which we hold as siding with the Bahraini Insurgents. For Trump to do so would accomplish many positive things---not the least of which is securing freedom for the island. From a political standpoint, reversing Bush's and Obama's policies in Bahrain would have the following effects:

      1. It would show to some skeptics that Trump truly is a principled Conservative;

      2. It would prove to the Arab World that Trump really is offering them a New Deal;

      3. It would allow us to keep our strategic Naval base there;

       4. It would lessen Iran's influence on the island among the populace and teach the Saudi Wahhabis that they aren't the ones in control of the Middle East;

        5. It would restore peace to Bahrain and keep it as a valuable trading-partner and a true friend to the US.

       For Trump to do this, though, will be a test of his political courage. The corrupt Democrats---who take bribes from the Wahhabis---will oppose it. The RINO/Neocon ignoramuses will reflexively balk at siding with a movement that has Iranian support. If Trump is wise, he'll take the ball from Iran and run with it. Possession is 9/10s of the law here. We have a presence on Bahrain and Iran hasn't; strengthening our position there and winning the Bahraini people to our side would be a strong diplomatic bargaining-chip in bringing Iran to the table for any future negotiations. 

      This course we encourage Trump to take. Do the right thing and bring freedom to Bahrain. 

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