Monday, January 30, 2017


    North America---and indeed most of the Anglosphere---seems to be engaged in a collective Panic Attack following President Trump's Executive Order issuing a temporary travel embargo on seven countries. People are getting shot at mosques; Trump supporters being beaten in airports; frivolous lawsuits getting filed, etc. Wall Street gangbangers, of course, are at the bottom of instigating all of this hysteria. As we've also noted here, many of the countries with strong Wahhabi terrorist movements are also major narcotics traffickers: this no doubt is behind some of the 'protests' too.

    Let's step back and take a deep breath.

    1. Trump's Order is temporary. As Trump said during the campaign, immigration from certain countries would be halted until the entry process was reformed. Recall that groups like the Moslem Brotherhood-dominated CAIR contributed to drafting the previous Administration's policies.

    2. Trump's Order does not ban Moslem immigration. It concerns seven predominantly Moslem countries out of 53 predominantly Moslem countries worldwide.

    3. Trump wants to screen out Wahhabi and Salafist Jihadi cultists from the legitimate visitors and refugees. Three of the countries he's embargoed: Iran, Syria, and Iraq have the same immigration restriction that Trump wants to impose (although the latter two countries have had obvious difficulties enforcing their laws). Other Moslem countries ban them too.

     4. States' Attorneys-General have no Constitutional authority whatsoever in federal immigration policy. These same Liberals defended that position against State Governments in the Southwest who defied Obama's policies regarding the US-Mexican Border.

      As usual, few if any of these 'protesters' have any idea why they are protesting; other than it's a Trump policy.

      British journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out last month that all of this irrational anti-Trump hysteria and fake news that's been hitting public discourse like a cyclone is ultimately going to blunt any legitimate criticism of Trump or his policies. Were there real problems with his Order? Yes. One was the ex post facto issue of those already approved for entry---although a Federal Judge seems to have resolved that issue. There's also a legitimate question as to whether some countries should have embargoed: Iran for certain, and arguably Iraq, possibly shouldn't be on the list. And some countries should have been embargoed: specifically Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar who've been funneling Wahhabi Terrorists into the countries that were singled out.

      America needs to get a grip. Put away the Happy Pills; turn off CNN; pull your heads together and face the reality that Trump's Executive Order is not going to effect 99% of the American public. And most of the 1% it does effect are those who are profiting---legally and illegally---off the current broken system.

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  1. Amen. I quite agree! We need to get a grip, take a chill pill, go for a walk or something. We're descending into hysteria that has no basis in reality. Not all of us of course, but enough of us that I'm starting to wonder if people have fallen victim to some yet unknown brain parasite or something.

    1. I suspect that the picture at the bottom of the article explains a lot of it.

      Greenwald, though, has the right idea here. The Far Left is pushing the rhetoric to the point where they're going to create a self-fulfilling prophecy---just like the Far Right was doing during the Election. Trump has only been in office for 10 days, and already the Left has set up a zero-sum national dialogue with no middle ground. The travel embargo is a great example: who's going to listen to objections over Ex Post Facto Laws, or whether this-or-that country should be included or not?

  2. Look what's happening in Ireland. Is this disgusting or what?

    1. I'd like to see them do a cover like that with the President of Ireland as the target and watch would happen. Or better still...