Friday, January 13, 2017


     With the Inauguration of the 45th President now only a week away, we in the Prozac Nation can no doubt expect an upsurge of neurotic episodes from frustrated anti-Democracy extremists. We've seen notable breakdowns and public tantrums already from Stephan Colbert, Hilary Clinton, Keith Olbermann, Meryl Streep, various Academics, and today from Rosie O' Donnell.

     Rosie is an obese, gutter-level, trash-culture 'entertainer' who's been mentally teetering on the brink of complete psychological collapse for some time. Her chronic obesity and constant state of emotional rage actually triggered an apoplectic stroke in 2012. She's finally completely lost it now; going on a Twitter rampage calling for the US Military to overthrow Trump.

      Next to O'Donnell's Twitter avatar---which tellingly depicts her wearing what looks like a Burger King crown---she writes: "I fully support imposing martial law---delaying the Inauguration---until Trump is cleared of all charges!"

     What charges does she mean? She answers somewhat ramblingly: "Show us your taxes! Show us your taxes! Show us your taxes! Show us your taxes! We the people want to see them! Show us your taxes, Trump!"

     There's obviously nothing in American law that prohibits holding public office during a tax audit. Trump has so far not released tax records due to the audit results not being tabulated. There have been no tax 'charges' filed; as Rosie apparently claims. Those who've been involved with IRS audits know that criminal charges are very rarely ever filed. Contrary to popular belief, the IRS is usually more willing to settle out-of-court. They usually only pursue criminal charges if income was obtained and assets hidden in conjunction with some other illegal activities. A tax audit is hardly an excuse for martial law.

      Given the state of our military today, it would be a questionable issue as to whether they could actually defeat the Secret Service, FBI, and DC Police to take control of the Capitol anyway.

      The US has rarely ever seen martial law. Even when it's occurred, it's been under the control of the President; who is the only legal authority who can impose it. The Continental Congress imposed it occasionally during the War of Independence. The Lincoln Administration imposed it often during the US Civil War. During WW2, FDR put the Pacific Coast under military law. It's also been used occasionally locally such as President Grant employing it against a KKK insurrection in 1871 and Bush Senior during the Los Angeles riots in 1992. Essentially then, it has never happened except when civilian authorities have lost control over public order---which is roughly how it is legally defined in the Constitution.

     What Rosie O'Donnell is actually describing is a military coup d'état which is an entirely different matter. The United States is so diverse, and so well-armed that this is a completely impossible scenario---and that the Military would attempt it because Rosie O'Donnell demands it--- is even more ludicrous.

      Rosie O'Donnell is clearly a mentally sick person; probably suffering from delusions of grandeur and paranoia among many other complexes. She should probably be more pitied than ridiculed; but still a lot of Liberals agree with her on Twitter---and they should know better. This is why we need to expose these fake Cultural Elites in any event because they can influence low-information and uneducated people who don't recognize the insanity that's transparent to the rest of us.


  1. LOL!Thanks for the chuckle. Martial law and military coups are not funny, but Rosie having a tantrum is a bit amusing.

    Roseanne Barr, another feminist comedian, is actually pro Trump. I predicted she would become one. There's some real working class DNA behind Trump, which is how Rosie and Roseanne differ. In case it isn't clear, many people with working class roots are not real fond of the IRS or those who chant, "show us your taxes." Trump being audited made him a more empathetic character, not a bad guy. Hollywood elites like Rosie don't get that.

    1. Rosie O'Donnell should have figured this out about the tax angle after Tim Kaine's disastrous performance at the VP debate. Kaine wouldn't talk about anything other than Trump's tax returns and the Corporate Media couldn't salvage that into Democrat win.

      Considering too that Obama was caught using the IRS to target Conservatives, an audit of Trump was sure to backfire as a political tactic.

  2. Trump's relentless focus on the destruction of America's manufacturing base as a vehicle for national decline resonated strongly with working class voters. Truth has a power of its own that no Ivy-league spin can obscure. Moreover Roseanne is pro-Israeli.