Friday, January 20, 2017


    Anti-Democracy protesters in Seattle tonight converged on the University of Washington. Donning masks and hoods, and waving signs with slogans like Hate Harms Everyone and Stand Up Against Fascism; the crowd fought with police, threw bricks and bottles, set off explosives and started a few fires before critically shooting someone in the abdomen.

    The rioters were reacting to a speech being given in Kane Hall by Trump-supporting media figure, Milo Yiannopolous.

    Jessie Gamble, who is the leader of the UW College Republicans, arranged for the speech. Earlier this year, tolerant Seattle Leftists made her the target of a harassment campaign. Ironic, since Yiannopolous was banned from Twitter for alleged harassment. Almost as ironic: this was the second time since November that people have been shot at anti-Trump rallies in Seattle. The UW is of course a gun-free zone in a city that has banned gun shows, classified advertising for firearms, and driven all the gun stores out of town. There has been a massive campaign all month to ban Yiannopolous from speaking.

    Seattle is well-known nationally for its violent riots and its political intolerance. It's an especially nasty example of the fruits of Leftist governance: the national leader in drug-addiction, homosexual population, and attempted suicides; one of the highest crime-rates on the West Coast, and one of the highest per capita cities of welfare recipients, homelessness, and poverty. 

     Yiannopolous wasn't hurt during the fracas, and finished his speech, although police locked down Kane Hall and prevented people from leaving until the Anarchists could be brought under some sort of control. The shooting victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center after police cleared protesters blocking the ambulance's path. Some others were also reportedly injured from bricks and other projectiles.

Intelligent-looking Seattle Leftists off to Protest Milo




  1. Well said. Milo, love him or hate him, still has a right to speak, and people have a right to go hear him. This behavior from the opposition is just appalling.

    Seattle is always bad, but they've just taken a pounding lately, first protesting the election, than the inauguration, than Milo, and today the women's march.

    1. Imagine how the Seattle Establishment would have reacted if the police were as violent in preventing some Anarchist from giving a speech. Imagine the police going into a peaceful crowd gathered to hear a political figure and attacking them clubs, beating them, shooting one, preventing people from going into the building. These Anarchists are so blind with rage they can't even see that they've become what they're protesting against.