Tuesday, January 24, 2017


   A reader recently asked why we consider Nazi blogs like The Daily Stormer a part of the Manosphere, or 'Red Pill' movement. He pointed out that Andrew Anglin, editor of that blog, has often disagreed with Game/PUA philosophy.

    It is so that these various Red Pill leaders not infrequently have fallings-out over who is the greatest; the most ideologically pure; etc. But they all hold essentially to the same core ideologies, as evidenced by the fact that commenters from the Manosphere and Neo-Nazi blogs regularly show up on the same sites. Anglin refers to himself as a Red Pill, has been praised and quoted freely by Manosphere writers, and employs Manosphere terminology and concepts quite freely. For example, The Daily Stormer carried an article recently about the anti-Election 'Woman's March' that famously earned pop-star Madonna a visit from the Secret Service.

     Here are some excerpts from Anglin's article, in which he argues that the Feminist protesters are sexually fixated on Trump and were vying for his attention.

     "Hating on a man and talking about how awful he is, is generally a sign that a woman wants to have sex with that man. They were actually demanding they be sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. You don't have to be a psychoanalyst to pick this up. Every single one of these women is sexually fixated on Donald Trump."

    Isn't that precisely what Game/PUA proponents teach? That female emotions mean nothing, and they are obsessed with sexual conquest? Lest there be any doubt that the Red Pills and Nazis are on the same page, Anglin continues:

     "This is what happens when you give women freedoms. They become outrageous and dangerous..."

     Again, nothing that one doesn't read regularly on Manosphere blogs. What makes women dangerous and uncontrollable with Liberty?

    "To understand why all these women want to have sex with a single man who is 70-years old, slightly overweight, and wasn't explicitly handsome when he was young, one must understand the concept of hypergamy...Donald Trump is the ultimate Alpha male. He is an aggressive, hostile conqueror who became ruler of the world through force of will. As such, he is the object of sexual fixation of all women on the planet."

    We have highlighted Manosphere/Red Pill terminology in the above passage to illustrate clearly that Anglin and other Nazis are not getting these ideas out of thin air. What Anglin is quoted here as saying is Red Pill Cult doctrine across the board. And have we never seen his conclusions on Manosphere sites?

    "Only by restricting the deranged sexual practices of women can we save our Civilization. And a vow to fix this problem is a sure way to get young men on board with a war against the Jews."

    That there is a direct ideological connection between the Red Pills and the Nazis is shown evidently once again. And not simply that both are movements that prey on alienated men with false promises of becoming an Ubermensch or an Alpha. Since Anglin referred to psychiatry, here's some excerpts from Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm who studied the Nazi phenomenon firsthand.

    "Naziism is marked by a relatively low degree of heterosexuality." Fromm wrote in 1936, "The psychic structure of both Hitler and his followers is characterized by hate, guilt feelings, and hostility towards sexuality...In the sadistic subjection of and fear of the female prevalent in the Nazis, one can find the fear of sexual impulses in general. The latent homosexual component among the Nazis expresses itself in the fanatical persecution of overt homosexuality...

    "Physiologically, the average authoritarian man is heterosexual; in his physical relationship to women, in terms of satisfying bodily needs, he is potent. But emotionally, he is homosexual and is hostile and cruel to women. Naziism is the tender and loving masochistic relationship developed by a weaker man toward a strong one."

     Thus, what the Red Pills write about the feminist protesters is simply projection.

     Had these men been honest Christians or Conservatives, they would have complained that the Women's March was a disgusting spectacle---degrading to all women---and maybe even contrasting Madonna's vulgarity and crudeness with Melanie Trump's feminine dignity and elegance. But instead, they deride the female nature while fawning over President Trump as a god-emperor and the ultimate Alpha; like a bunch of homosexuals throwing a jealous tantrum over the attention men pay to women.

     Fromm is correct; and this is likely the underlying bond between the Red Pills and the Nazis. Their hatred of women and idolization of stronger men (likely stemming from repressed homosexuality) is a point they both share.


  1. Yes, well said. There is a clear overlap and relationship between the red pills and Nazism, just as there is a clear overlap and relationship between feminism and fascism.

    I tend to use the name "red pill" in a broad context as a way of naming that male spirit in rebellion against God Himself, one entwined with pride, arrogance, dominance as destruction, rather than as service and protection. It is simply the flip side of feminism, fems being all about female rebellion against God Himself, pride, arrogance. To me it doesn't much matter whether you are wearing a Hitler teeshirt or the more feminist "Che" Guevara or Chairman Mao.

    I admit one must be careful with these labels, because there are some women who have no idea what feminism is and simply wish to support women, just as there are some red pills who are really just trying to explore masculinity. Just the same as I've tried to tell my Christian sisters, while you may simply be walking in solidarity with women, the heart and soul of who you are following down the street are wearing teeshirts demanding the abortion of Jesus Christ Himself. These aren't the fringe, they are the truth and reality of what is leading you. Pay attention, be aware of what is going on.

    1. Thank you and these are good points. I agree that we have to be careful about these kinds of labels; but Anglin refers to himself as a Nazi; and a lot of Red Pills don't seem to mind using Nazi motifs often. It's the same with the Feminists, many of their admit that they are Marxists and, like you mentioned, wear Communist motifs. The men and women who are simply exploring should beware of these red flags.

      Like Anglin said in one of the quotes above, the MRM's misogyny can serve as a gateway for anti-Semitism.