Sunday, January 15, 2017


    Red Pill blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer has been advertising an armed march of Skinheads and Manosphereans since late December. This supposed to occur on Monday (MLK Day) through the small resort village of Whitefish, Montana. Now, Whitefish is a ski resort town---and one can well imagine the economic hardship that a Nazi demonstration in a village of 7,000 people would cause on a 3-day weekend in mid-January.

     Fortunately, Anglin's plan for a jolly weekend of photo-ops and terrorizing Jews has fallen through. The amusing part of the whole story is that it failed because these would-be manly Alpha leaders of the New Order couldn't put together a simple application for a Parade Permit.

    In a letter dated January 10th, Whitefish City Manager Chuck Stearns informs Anglin that the application is incomplete, and therefore denied for the 16th. Stearns lists are as follows what the application still lacks:

      1. A map of the intended parade route.

      2. The remaining $65 of the stated $125 permit fee.

       3. A Certificate of Insurance.

       4. A Notification for businesses and residences effected by the street closure.

     According to the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce's website, the next scheduled parade is during the Whitefish Winter Carnival on February 5th; so it's difficult to imagine that obtaining a Parade Permit there is especially complicated. Stearns reminds Anglin in the letter that the instructions are clearly stated online.

      Anglin, of course, blamed everyone but himself for this humiliating defeat. Especially the town's few dozen Jews whom he imagines are trying to seize control of the village. He was quite exorcised that businesses along the parade route could object to the permit---especially since he's been encouraging his followers to harass them online and otherwise for the past month. Anglin evidently hasn't learned a lesson that most men learn just before puberty: it doesn't pay to be a jerk.

     Hopefully the negative publicity that Anglin generated hasn't harmed Whitefish's economy too much. Readers in Montana who enjoy skiing may want to make a trek out to Whitefish on Monday. And make sure to buy local, too.

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