Sunday, January 29, 2017


    Manosphere Red Pill blogger Vox Day is on a rampage. As of this writing, he's up to 9 posts on Vox Populi alone; tearing into Conservatives, Christians, and Jews in especial. Like the Radical Left, the fuel behind Vox' hysteria is President Trump's Executive Order putting a temporary travel ban on seven predominantly Islamic countries.

    Vox has been egging on a civil war in the US for some time (although it won't effect him, since he lives in Italy and has his publishing business in Finland). The collective breakdown on the Far Left over Trump's Order has him giddy with excitement; and he and other Red Pills are throwing as much verbal gasoline on the fire as possible. Among the things flowing steadily from his pen since Midnight Saturday are calls for federal employees to resist a judge's ruling that people from embargoed nations in transit are exempt from the Executive Order. The number of people the judge's ruling exempts probably can be counted by the dozen; but Vox thinks this is a flash-point in the Culture War.

   "Trump needs to crush this attempt to de-legitimize his authority!" he shrieks. No, Vox. Trump needs to do what Obama didn't do and respect Constitutional procedure. That's what the Federal Courts ostensibly exist to do.

    He also expends his outrage on 'Cuckservatives'---his term for traditionalist conservatives who don't agree with his position that White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are the only legitimate American citizens. Yes, he actually said that:

    "The Constitution was not written for Universal Man. It was written to secure the liberties of Englishmen living on the American Continent and no one else."

     Not surprisingly, Vox praises Leftist concepts like Identity Politics:

     "US politics are now an identity game...It is long past time for Conservatives to realize that one cannot continue to play by centuries-old Anglo-Saxon rules after one permits a large quantity of non-Anglos who neither know or care about these rules to invade the playing field. The great irony is that Republicans of the sort that one finds on the Wall Street Journal editorial page, who cling to the outdated notion of a creedal United States, consider themselves pragmatists."

     And, he further pours his wrath on 'Churchians'---his term for Christians who don't accept the Red Pill philosophy, or what Vox calls "the mythical Judeo-Christian values." He unleashes a real tirade on Christians who are pro-Immigrant, and incredibly justifies it with this Scripture: "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs." (St. Matthew xv:26). Somehow, it seems to have escaped his attention that two of the embargoed countries---Syria and what is now Somalia were the first countries outside of Judea evangelized in the Book of Acts. Oh well...

     And speaking of Jews, Vox seems to be hoping that they will be sent to the Middle East along with the Moslems. He argues that Israel is their proper place, and that:

      "There is no Jewish Question here, because there's nothing to question. If someone declares himself your enemy, one should do the courtesy of taking him can you possibly align yourself with these people and still consider yourself to be on the side of Christianity, America, or the West?"

      The answer, Vox, is very simple. It's because Jews can come to America and align themselves with American values. Like free-market proponents Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Louis Rukeyser, and Paul Samuelson. Or Jewish constitutional scholars like Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter. Or Jewish military leaders like General Mark Clark or the 27 Jewish Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients. Or Jewish-American scientists like Albert Einstein who technological achievements once made us a superpower; and Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine. Or Jewish-American authors like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan who popularized science? Not to mention Conservative politicians like Barry Goldwater, Warren Rudman, Chic Hecht, Jacob Javits, and Norm Coleman.

     Enemies of American Civilization, indeed. The real enemies of American Civilization are the extremists, whether Left or Right. The only real difference between someone like Rosie O'Donnell and Vox Day is that one is terrified that Trump will become a tyrant and the other hopes that he will. And neither one contributes anything constructive to the public discourse.



  1. Wow, total meltdown here. This is almost as much fun as watching Chuckie Schumer cry. I think we can safely say Vox, like Glenn Beck before him, has officially jumped the shark.

    And so the Jew-baiting and Catholic-baiting continues unabated. They still don't get that "It's the Jews" or "It's the Jesuits" is a ploy designed to focus attention off the real perps. "Thank you for your ongoing service, Vox. Your cheque is in the post - G. Soros"

    1. Vox has really been teetering delicately on the verge of really losing it for some time. As Trump moves further to the Conservative mainstream, I think these guys will start cracking up just like the Left in more and more pronounced ways.