Tuesday, January 17, 2017


    In Portland, Oregon---one of America's most effete and 'Progressive' cities---people are literally freezing to death in the streets. The compassionate Left, who are always ready to collect money for the downtrodden without ever actually doing anything to help them, is blaming everybody but themselves for the crisis.

    In fact, quite a lot of money is available to hire people to protest Trump over issues like these. Instead of providing humanitarian aid to Portland's suffering 'poor', groups like San Francisco's Demand Protest is running ads in 20 major cities hiring people at up to $2500 per month to foment headline-grabbing photo-ops at anti-Trump rallies. Not bad pay, actually. At least Portland anti-Trump activists can afford to watch news coverage of themselves on the big-screen TVs in Hookah lounges after a hard day's work complaining about Republicans' lack of commitment to Social Justice.

    Demand Protest itself seems to be a rather shady organization that has either recently changed its name or come out from the shadows. It is not listed, for example, as a registered California company and its domain name was registered within a month after the election (though it boasts a proven track-record). The company's website makes a point of confidentiality and secrecy---not unrealistic given the number of exposures of such organizations during the recent elections.

     What is interesting to note, though, is while the situation in Portland is worsening for displaced persons, poorer countries in harsher climates have actually shown that emergencies like these can be dealt with. Last August, Typhoon Lionrock struck the Northeastern coast of North Korea, displacing thousands of families and killing hundreds. It was the worst storm recorded since North Korea became independent in 1945. And, as anyone familiar with the Korean War knows, winters in North Korea are notoriously bad.

      The North Korean government, though, mobilized its slender resources and in a phenomenal feat of its own, reconstructed shelters for nearly 12,000 families by November's end. Contrast this to Obama's 2010 boast that his Administration would end homelessness in America, while homeless people die on the streets of Portland---a city that voted 75% for Hilary Clinton and has been the national epicenter of anti-Election riots. According even to CBS News, homelessness rates have gone up 39% in the US since 2010.

      American Liberals should feel ashamed that North Korea is actually doing a better job of providing housing for the displaced than Portland, Oregon. Even more shameful is the fact that these same Liberals are constantly bashing Russia---which has given North Korea over a billion tons of fuel oil to keep the typhoon victims from freezing. The compassionate Democrats in the Obama Administration, meanwhile, reacted to the North Korean disaster by imposing tougher sanctions on the country and spending billions to deploy additional military resources to the Korean Peninsula.

     But American Leftists are---and always have been---about nothing but power and control. They have proven over and over again that they could care less about the poor and see the impoverished only as means to ends in their drive for power.


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