Wednesday, January 18, 2017


    As we've been predicting, the hours leading up to the Inauguration would see a spike in strange and violent incidents involving anti-Government extremists. This trend will continue at least through the weekend. The incoming Administration is going to have vividly displayed the urgent national need for curtailing drug proliferation and for expanding mental healthcare programs.

     An example today happened in front of the DC branch of Trump Tower, when an unidentified Anarchist went berserk and immolated himself on the front steps. First responders---who are numerous around Trump Towers these days---quickly put out the fire and the man was taken to the hospital and treated for burns.

    A US media outlet---appropriately named The Blaze---covered the story with several eyewitness accounts. They quote an NBC reporter on the scene who spoke briefly with the man as he was loaded into an ambulance. When asked to explain his action, he screamed: "Because we have a dictator who has been elected! I was trying to light myself on fire as an act of protest! An act of protest! Protesting the fact that we have elected somebody who is incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States!"

    The Blaze also cites a British reporter on the scene who stated that the man was shouting Trump's name as he was engulfed in flames.

     I wonder where he would have gotten ideas like these? It all sounds suspiciously similar the hysterical media rants coming out of various celebrities and being fanned by the Corporate Media. It goes back again to what Pope Francis recently said about journalistic responsibility and the tongue as a weapon. There are elements in our society who, fed on a steady diet of that kind of rhetoric, will respond in violent ways.

     This isn't even the first time some Anarchist crackpot has attempted suicide as a form of protest. Barely two weeks after the election, another one in Akron lost it and burned himself alive with gasoline in a park in front of innocent children.

     There is no way to stop crazies from acting out; but we can lessen their presence by calling for and advocating media responsibility. The Far Left and the Far Right have both been guilty of baiting these types of people with irresponsible rhetoric. That's exactly the kind of thing that Pope Francis was referring to. Our words are always, in a way, a form of advocacy. We have to understand that some people are more susceptible to influence of words than others.

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