Tuesday, January 10, 2017


   Dylann Roof, another 'racially-aware' Red Pill Cultist, was sentenced to hang today for the murder of 9 Christians during a prayer service in a South Carolina church in 2015. Roof was a regular commenter at the Manosphere blog, The Daily Stormer, run by Andrew Anglin. Anglin is a self-described Red Pill and MGTOW, and has often been praised by Red Pill bloggers like Vox Day.

     As we've pointed out before, the Red Pills are foes of Christianity, Conservatism, and Americanism in general. They often pose as defenders of Western Civilization, when their true goal is its overthrow. Prudently avoiding any mention of the Roof verdict, bloggers Chateau Heartiste (whose real name is Jim Weidmann) and Vox Day (whose real name is Theodore Beale) are again calling for Race War.

    Heartiste published an article, endorsed by Vox, titled A White Hot Fire Rises, in which he extrapolates from a photo of two Hollywood has-beens frowning during Meryl Streep's recent tirade a white backlash.

   "They forge in the furnace of their unalloyed disgust a quiet and seething intolerance for the enemies of White Men; a vengeance devised to settle the ultimate score---recapture of their homeland from degenerates within---percolates in their blood and radiates from their irises."

    Most likely, though, these two fellows in the photograph---like many of these rest of us---were more disgusted that Meryl Streep turned an awards ceremony into a personal attention-seeking political hate-fest. But civility is a concept lost on Liberals and Red Pills alike.

     Heartiste drones on, with all the rhetorical flourish he can muster: "Look at those eyes, brimming with righteous hatred closely, and multiply that number by millions; because that's how many White Men of the West feel the same way. And their numbers grow daily. White Men are awakening to their planned and active dispossession by malevolent forces corrupting the creation of their ancestors."

     This is coming from someone who, in the same article, rhapsodized about the 'heroic act' of five toughs tearing down anti-Trump posters and gloating over one protestor. If frowning and tearing down posters were all that these Red Pills could do; we shouldn't worry too much about a Race War---unless it was going to end in a pillow fight. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Heartiste literally means war; and it is clear from his tone in the article and his comments below that he is genuinely hoping to incite violence. Responding to a commenter who objected to tearing down the posters, Heartiste writes: "This is war. The time for 'being above it' was when we still labored under the belief that a high-minded stance would work."

     But lest any Red Pill fanatic get the idea from such writers to become the next Dylann Roof, recall that Heartiste was among the first in line to save his own skin by throwing Roof under the bus. On a blog post dated June 18th, 2015, Heartiste called Roof an 'Omega' and  made some speculations about his motives: "Was Roof a failure with White Women he desired but couldn't get, and did this rejection drive him to the extremes of white-knightery, culminating in murdering the symbol of his torment...or alternately, was he cucked by a Black guy, and instead of blaming the White girl, he exonerated her from all responsibility and focused all his Incel rage on the interloper?" Then he dismisses the idea the idea that Roof had really learned Game, or taken the Red Pill.

     Heartiste really comes across as the toxic personality type who enjoys destroying those whom he envies. By many accounts, he was formerly a financial bureaucrat in a firm contracted by the Federal Government. We're all familiar with this type. Resentful, bitter, arrogant---delights in pulling down others to make himself feel superior; all the while laughing up his sleeve at the damage he's caused.  

    There is no ideology behind people like these except hatred and destruction for its own sake. Destroying happiness between the genders; destroying harmony between the races; sowing among religions; undermining the blessings of Liberty---that is what this whole Red Pill Cult is all about. They prey on the vulnerable whom they use as cat's-paws; but then slink into the background when the day of reckoning comes.






  1. I wrote a post and sent it off to Pastor Wilson, Dalrock, Vox Day, Tomassi. I have little hope but hey, they're all Christian men, maybe they'll step up to the plate and lead the way.

    1. Thank you---that was a good post. I hope that your article will also be picked up by priests and pastors, whom I think really need to be made aware of threat that the Red Pills are posing to Christian men.