Saturday, January 21, 2017


    Nobody ever said Anarchists were smart. As details emerge about the violent uprising at the University of Washington yesterday, the rioters are emerging in an even more negative light. The fracas started because campus Republicans invited Milo Yiannapolous to speak to local Trump supporters on Inauguration Day. Mask-wearing thugs appeared on campus to fight against free speech and fair elections, causing several injuries, property damage, and a shooting victim.

      So we learned today that the shooter gunned down one the crowd because he thought the man was "a White Supremacist" according to the Corporate Media Seattle Times. The Times interviewed associates of the victim---who is still in the hospital---who state that the victim was in fact a Sanders supporter with an anti-Nazi tattoo on his rump; who himself was protesting Milo's speech. This is a good lesson for all Anarchists: don't shoot the first White guy you see: he may be one of your own.

     As usual during these violent outbursts---which in Seattle happen on a regular basis---the local political and media establishment tried to spin the story as a peaceful protest that got a little out of hand at times. Twitter feeds did show people getting hit with bricks and bottles, but a spokesman for the UW claimed, "Though things were a little tense at times, we had the situation under control."

    Matthew Perdie, a cameraman from Breitbart News who was covering the event, told a different story. Perdie went outside before Milo's speech to cover some of the protesters. A gang of masked thugs attacked him from behind.

     "Fortunately those guys don't know how to fight," said Perdie who suffered bruises to his face, "They have to hide behind masks and handkerchiefs because they are afraid of the repercussions of their own actions."

    Sadly, though, in Seattle this is not the case. Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole, who was praised by Obama and invited to the White House, has essentially ordered the SPD not to intervene in protests. As the UW incident proves, a rioter has a better chance of being shot by one of his own men during a Seattle riot than he does of being arrested for anything. Perdie even stated that he reported the attack to police but "they seemed apathetic." In reality, a police officer who arrested a street thug for attacking a Trump supporter is probably risking his career in that city.

    "I did not see any pro-Milo people who were violent." Perdie stated. "It wasn't just me who they were assaulting. I saw another kid whom I believe was pro-Milo. He was bruised up badly and blue paint on him" (Note: the Anarchists were seen by others throwing paint-bombs at people) "All of the violence came from the protesters. But the local media wouldn't say where the violence came from."

     Also sadly true. One gets the impression from the Seattle Media that Milo caused the violence simply by attending the event.

      The culture that the Left has cultivated in Seattle---and on much of the urban West Coast---is characterized by this type of extreme intolerance. Perdie is right about the thugs hiding behind masks---but the masks are psychologically symbolic and not worn out of fear of exposure. They're worn because the true face behind the Left's collective cultural mask is revealed as a vicious, snarling beast; driven by irrational fear of Civilization and its demands and responsibilities. Like wild animals, they instinctively attack perceived threats to the security of the herd. Just like wild animals are indistinguishable, the rioters wear masks and hoods as a symbolic testimony to their herd-mentality. 



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  1. "They're worn because the true face behind the Left's collective cultural mask is revealed as a vicious, snarling beast; driven by irrational fear of Civilization and its demands and responsibilities."

    Well said. One of the things from the woman's march yesterday is the chant, "we gave birth to this nation and we can unbirth it." What is unbirthing a nation, besides a desire to dismantle civilization? That's a snarling beast, for sure. Sad too, because all those women are called to be speaking life into the world,not death and destruction.