Saturday, January 28, 2017


    President Trump signed an Executive Order on Friday that temporarily suspends Obama's refugee resettlement program until security changes can be made and halting entry into the US from seven countries for the next 90 days. The US Corporate Media, of course, is trying to spin this as some kind of immigration ban---which it obviously is not.

     The news brought the usual hotheads into the streets and an online petition, signed by thousands of self-styled prominent academics, demanding that Trump rescind this 'discriminatory' policy. The petition by 11 Nobel Laureates, and a host of others pompously showing off the awards and titles that American Academics bestow on each other. These people had nothing to say, though, when Obama and Kerry barred Syrian Christians from claiming refugee status. But in modern Academia, anti-Christian discrimination is applauded and encouraged.

      Nor are these Academics concerned that our system of screening refugees is radically defective and that groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS are the ones trying to escape Syria and Iraq right now, since the Allies have defeated them on several fronts. 

     It's not that American Academia especially cares whether terrorists come into the country or not. The fact is that a lot of foreign students from the Middle East come to American universities---and the universities make a lot of money off international students. Most foreign students are either financed by their own government or by wealthy parents to come here. With deep pockets like this, universities charge exorbitant tuitions and fees for foreign students: to the tune of $33 billion annually.

     These greedy shysters running our Education Establishment is fine with the Government building Calais-type camps in your neighborhood---then condescendingly lecturing us on 'accepting diversity' while they rake in the cash and laugh in their sleeves. Most of these immigrant students return home after graduation; feeling disgust at the corruption of our system. But some get radicalized by the Academic Left and stay on---becoming like Fakhra Shah or Payal Modi. 

     Our immigration system is in need of reform, but our educational system needs it even worse. It's doubtful that Trump will end immigration after reforms are enacted. Besides, it is not unprecedented for Presidents to bar immigration from areas that pose security threats anyway.

     It's a matter of following the money. Unfortunately Academia today is far more concerned with the fast buck than any public safety issues.

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