Friday, June 9, 2023


      As part of the mighty Conservative pushback as the Silent Majority takes back the country in the Culture Wars, the news came out today that Modelo Especial has overtaken Bud Light in sales of cheap, foul-tasting American beers. Let it never be said that we Americans don't have our priorities in order when it comes to defending our Rights. Sure, it's no problem when Big Ag bankrupts small farmers to steal their land; or WEF Oligarchs move to take over and socially engineer the food supply---so what if we pay $6 for bread and $10 for butter? Mess with our grog, though, and you're playing with fire! 

    Unfortunately for these virtue-signalling consumers, it happens that Modelo Especial is controlled by the same Ag Cartel which owns Bud Light. Way to own those Libtards, guys. 

     A concept that the American Right can't seem to come to grips with is that a cabal of unelected, unaccountable Corporate bureaucrats is just as a great a threat to our Liberties and our Culture as an unelected, unaccountable Government bureaucracy is. Our economic system in the United States is essentially privatized Socialism, as opposed to traditional State Socialism. That is all that this Fourth Industrial Revolution and so-called Stakeholder Capitalism really amounts to. This is why boycotts never work out any better than voting does. In voting, we have the choice of two parties controlled by the same people; in Privatized Socialism we have the choice of goods and services controlled by the same people. Increasingly, the line between Government and Business has become almost indistinguishable---with Regulatory Capture and Corporate Lobbying controlling political decisions and politicians simply outsourcing governmental functions to private contractors.

   In the phony Left-Right Paradigm pushed as the Official Narrative, the GOP is portrayed as defenders of the Free Market while the Democrats are portrayed as defenders of the social safety-net (as if the two ideals were mutually exclusive). Neither approach addresses the fundamental systemic problem: that the people have no real power against either Corporate or Government overreach. If corporate cartels like Anheuser-Busch-InBev were broken into about 20 pieces and we had labor laws with some teeth again---as well as restrictions on foreign lobbying and actual regulation of the Stock Market, we'd see just how much 'wokeness' these crooks could get away with. 

  But suggest any of that, and one gets an indignant "No way! That's interfering with the Free Market!" Fine. Go on drinking Modelo Especial instead of Bud Light and pretending that you really have a choice. Meanwhile, the Oligarchs will go on rolling in the cash while they keep pushing their woke agendas.



  1. Ha! The fact that Americans are willing to drink such swill in the first place is a huge red flag of gullibility. One reason why it must be served so cold is to numb you out so you don't even have to taste it! Never mind the politics, this is about having some self respect.

    It would be just amazing if conservatives/republicans stopped idolizing the free market and big corporations. I'm a huge fan of capitalism myself but that does not mean all big business must now become a sacred cow. What is going on is more like corporatism, something more akin to fascism than free markets. Never mind separation of church and state, we've now got a convergence between government and business which is determining and dictating our morality for us.

    1. In Europe, where beers actually taste good, they never drink it cold. It doesn't go flat either.

      It's interesting that the mid-20th Century: the time that American Conservatives look back upon as a 'Golden Age' for workers and small businesses, were dominated by 'New Deal' politicians. Even Eisenhower---whom they idolize so much---raised the minimum wage, built the space program, the highway system, invested heavily in infrastructure and public schools, was pro-union, and warned of the Military-Industrial Complex and Corporatism in general. Ike opposed offshoring and the top Corporate tax rate was 90%. He also enforced desegregation. Most of what the Left calls the 'Red Scare' was his attempt to push foreign influence out of politics and media.

      If Ike were around today, he'd be called a RINO.