Sunday, June 4, 2023


   Just as we predicted here about two months ago, these widespread consumer boycotts of corporations like Bud Light and Target have had little to no effect in slowing down the Oligarchy's push to mainstream the gender fluid/transhumanist agenda. If the daily news-feed that we're seeing is any indication; companies pushing the agenda with troon spokes-xhes (including Dylan Mulvaney) are sprouting up across the commercial landscape like toxic mushrooms do in a dying ecosystem.

   This reason that this is happening can be illustrated best by talking to some of the well-meaning folks engaged in these boycotts. They'll tell you that Bud Light has lost billions of dollars: I point out to them that the brand they've switched to is made by the same company. Or, others who've gone completely out of the Budweiser conglomerate's reach, I point out to them that the same financial cartels dominating Bud stock dominates these other breweries as well. When literally trillions of dollars are in the hands of criminals and fanatics, a billion here or there is not a great loss. 

  As an further example, take the recent 'Budget Deal' between the nominal Head-of-State and his Rump Congress. $1.3 trillion US dollars is what they want to spend. Now Bud Light and Target have lost a combined total of around $25 billion. Does anyone suppose that, if $25 billion of that budget was 'misappropriated', either Biden or McCarthy would raise any fuss over that? $25 billion is chump change to these people. And in the case of the supranational globalist Oligarchy, we're talking a lot more than a mere $1.3 trillion as well. 


      We've also been treated to the ridiculous spectacle of seeing the Gay Mafia engaging in counter-boycotts: going after 'woke' businesses who succumb to pressure from pro-family protests. It's made that whole Theater of the Absurd that Beatniks used to promote back in the 50s sound quite sensible and rational. The Mid-Century too, among more mainstream society, held June as the Wedding Month. A lot of young women then finished High School or College in May and were on their way to starting new careers as homemakers. Today, the 2020s have seen record bankruptcies in the wedding industry; and of course multiple lawsuits against any caterer who dares hold the quaint belief that marriage is something that only happens between opposite sexes. June is now designated Pride Month with all of the disgraceful spectacles accompanying that designation. Colonies of the WEF Nations further along in implementing the New World Order than the US have even criminalized defense of marriage to a greater extent than we have. 

   Pundits have tried to blame the lack of normal sexual interest on the Scamdemic. Of course, aggressive propaganda, unequal discrimination laws, and a depopulation agenda couldn't possibly be responsible for any of it. 

       We should consider that long ago, that when men who were away from women for a long time (e.g. soldiers on leave from the fort, sailors coming back from extended sea duties, cowboys finishing a long cattle-drive, etc.) were on their way to town, local officials used to pass along an informal "hide your daughters" warning to the residents. (A few daughters also figured out ways to sneak out of the house, too, but we digress 😇). The point here being that even if the Scamdemic had any actual impact on marriage numbers, it should have driven them up instead of down once Martial Law the restrictions had been lifted. 

    The whole 'homo equality' nonsense gets a lot of publicity; but the Oligarchs are driving agendas besides that one and imposing them with little or no resistance. And, as the boycotts and the earlier anti-Scamdemic protests show, they are proceeding with them with no regard to public opinion. This leads us to have to contemplate an even bigger problem.

   The United States Government, at all levels, is premised upon popular sovereignty. Inalienable Rights are specifically mentioned in our Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights amended to our Constitution spells out the what these inalienable Rights are. Our laws are premised upon the ideal of self-government to varying degrees within a system of Checks-and-Balances. 

   As we look at our history, it has been one largely marked by defending Liberty against Tyranny (despite what postmodern revisionists say). We had the pro-British Tories to deal with from the War of Independence to the War of 1812; an anti-Free Market slaveholding aristocracy to deal with until 1865; a powerful Corporatocracy to contend with until 1933; and Globalist totalitarian movements throughout WW2 and the Cold War. 

   For some reason, though, it seems that at the end of the Cold War Americans had simply given up. One by one, our freedoms evaporated and along with them our Quality of Life and character. Popular culture has reflected this. Since the 1990s, the media has been one constant stream of pessimism: apocalypses, dystopias, Nihilism, transhumanism, Narcissism, senseless violence, cynicism, moral relativism, atheism and Scientism run rife through the cultural venues---liberally punctuated with appeals to escapism through drugs or cults; while the so-called news media feeds us a steady diet of paranoia, propaganda, and disaster. Our political class rides the same bandwagon; telling us outright lies like having only a decade to fix Climate Change; doubling-down for the next Scamdemic; or how our nation won't survive another term of whichever Party is the incumbent one; etc., etc. 

  With these facts in mind, we have to start facing the uncomfortable question as to whether or not Self-Government is actually viable any longer. That, of course, immediately adduces the follow-up question: What would replace it? There are a lot of answers to that question: none of which sound especially appealing. 

   Evading the issue though isn't going to make it go away. It's a serious issue now that needs to be faced throughout the English-speaking world. 


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