Wednesday, June 7, 2023


       Neocon pundit Dennis Prager---who never deviates from the Exceptional America Party Line recently had an eye-opening epiphany. Prager actually went over to Europe, and visited some of the cities in countries under American Occupation  part of the EU/NATO Axis and found to his amazement that Civilization there is actually still quite alive and well. 

      Dennis could have saved himself a trip and simply watched some Youtube videos highlighting foreign city streets. It's not only Europe; but most of Eastern Asia (including China) as well. One sees men and women out-and-about, enjoying the fruits of their labors; open businesses, clean streets. What one never sees (except in videos of our world-leading democracy) are bum jungles, violent drug addicts, garbage piled up with syringes and rats everywhere, boarded-up buildings, flash-mobs robbing stores, police activity, rainbow-flags stuck in people's faces, etc. Prager rather sadly concluded, "For the first time in my life, I feel freer in Europe than in America."

     Well, welcome to Reality, Dennis. The Europe that you described is what American cities used to look like. The civility, the respect for families, the schools which actually function, and the freedom was here once too. The other thing that I hope that you learned is that the kind of cultural rot trying to seep into those societies is being exported from the United States and not vice-versa. Do you understand now why there is growing anti-Americanism across the globe?

    Exceptionalist hubris aside, no sane people actually want Postmodern Americanism in their countries. It only comes to countries at either the point of a gun or under threats of economic consequences. In fact, if it weren't for the presence of the US Military, most of those countries that Dennis visited would overthrow their shadow governments; just as every place he observed the general population rejects so-called American values to whatever extent they possibly can.

    Prager's article focuses mostly on the tyranny of the Homo Agenda in the US, but there are other factors evident as well. We're still world leaders alright: we lead the developed world in drug overdoses, suicides, poverty, divorces, litigation, infant mortality, incarceration rates, and---if the numbers were actually honest---unemployment and illiteracy. Our infrastructure across the board is failing. Our political system is collectively known as The Swamp. We have a $34 trillion GDP--about $33.5 trillion of that is in the hands of a few Financial and Commercial combines which dictate policy and operate above the law. Marijuana is our leading cash-crop and Media is our major export. 

  What Prager actually witnessed was what the world really looks like outside of the political and media propaganda. The corrupt regimes of both North America and Europe conceal a social structure beneath the shell. Europe's society is still very much alive: ours is for all intents and purposes, completely rotted from the inside out. The difference is that most Americans are content to remain in blissful ignorance of that fact. 

  Prager actually deserves some credit for having the intellectual honesty to bring this issue out in the open. The Neocons used to say that they were "Liberals mugged by Reality," maybe it's time that a few Conservatives woke up to it as well. 

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