Monday, August 13, 2018


       President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos, please take note. The Hungarian Government announced today that it was abolishing Gender Studies courses in their university system. The schools affected includes one founded by international arch-criminal George Soros.

     Dr. Bence Retvari of the Hungarian Secretary of State's office stated that "university degrees must rely on a scientific basis for their existence. Gender Studies, an offshoot of Marxism and Leninism, must be termed an ideology instead of a science." 

    A press spokesman concurred, stating further that subjects such as Gender Studies serve no national or economic interest and are consequently a waste of taxpayer funds. All that we can add to this is that attitudes like these are desperately needed in the United States too. Gender Studies here are not only a waste of valuable tax-funds; they are incubators of the worst breeds of social parasites. Up until the 1990's, Gender Studies' departments and degrees were practically nonexistent in the US. They spread like wildfire---with metaphorically the same disastrous results---under the instigation of Hillary Clinton, Donna Shalala, Janet Reno, and Johnetta Cole. 

     Naturally, Hungary's decision caused an explosion of outrage among Europe's Cultural Marxists. The American Media---except for some Conservative-leaning outlets---has largely ignored the story lest it give politicians over here any ideas. The commentary on most of these sites has been overwhelmingly supportive of Retvari's policy.  

      Wonderful news to start off the week. Let's just hope our politicians follow Hungary's lead. 

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  1. I highly approve! I just spent a couple of days trying desperately to plant some seeds of dissent among some gender study ideologist. Some of this rubbish is just appalling and I can barely refrain from using the word "brainwashed."