Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    Last Friday, authorities in New Mexico raided a makeshift compound in the Taos area on a tip that a 3 year-old kidnap victim was being held there. The police found 11 teenagers and children living in squalid conditions; essentially being brainwashed to commit terrorist activities. The kidnap victim was dead, according to forensic doctors themselves, a casualty of a cult-like ritual murder. A gang of Wahhabi fanatics who ran this hecatomb were arrested. 

    Admittedly, when this story first broke last weekend, we didn't give it the attention that it deserved. During the Syrian Civil War, stories about these types of compounds were fairly routine, especially during the Battles of Deir Ezzur and Mosul. ISIS had a network of facilities kidnapping children and turning them into suicide bombers. The Allies managed to rescue most of the victims. The ISIS operatives running the compounds, though, were usually put up against a wall and shot. 

      But here in the US, the Whacko Left Wing doesn't see groups like the Jihadists as much of a threat. At least, so said Judge Sarah Backus. According to KOB-TV 4 in Albuquerque, Judge Backus released some suspects on bail because there was insufficient evidence to hold them in jail. They were held on $20,000 bond---no word on who paid the bail. It didn't help two of the suspects, though. The thug who kidnapped the deceased 3 year-old has a federal warrant for that crime, and one of harlots of that same thug was picked up by ICE on an immigration charge. 

       Outside of New Mexico, though, this story has gotten about as much Mainstream Media attention as the previous atrocities in Syria did. The Left is busy obsessing over some new White House 'scandal' about the President belching at the dinner table, or muttering a racial slur in his sleep, or something. But to the Corporate Media, things like cults kidnapping and abusing minors and practicing ritual killings are a normal part of day-to-day life and no really big deal.

      Judge Backus is reportedly getting threats over the decision; and the media is getting outraged over that. We don't, of course, endorse that sort of behavior. Threatening a sitting judge is an very serious offense, and rightly so. There are legal remedies for these kinds of injustices and they should be pursued instead. 


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