Wednesday, July 25, 2018


     The vicious Scientology Cult lost a major long-running legal battle yesterday. The cult's lawyers threw up the sponge after it became clear that they were headed for a trial which they were bound to lose, and settled with the plaintiff for an unspecified sum.

     The plaintiff was one Laura DeCrescenzo, who alleged that she was forced by the cult to have an abortion at the age of 17. Her attorney, John Blumberg, predicted last week that the Scientologist hierarchy would opt to avoid trial, which was scheduled for August 13th. 

      The Corporate Media had nothing to say about the settlement, or even worse they were silent about the hideous details which were to be presented as evidence. Laura's testimony about the treatment of young women inside the cult reads like The Diary of Anne Frank, only worse. Women are employed in conditions as inhuman as sweatshops; forced into marriages; forced to have abortions; imprisoned for offenses; beaten, raped, whipped and isolated from their families. This isn't 'Pizzagate' or 'Q Anon' this goes on in the US under the pretense of 'religious freedom' every day. 

     Now, every time somebody whispers in the Media's collective ear about 'abuse' in the Catholic Church, it makes headlines. If the Church settles out of court to avoid scandal; the press treats them as guilty regardless of the circumstances. But Scientology gets a free pass.

     Why is this? Probably because Scientologists are well represented in the Corporate Media. You can bet that behind the well-known actors, performers, and journalists among their number, there are likely hundreds of lesser known producers, writers, directors, and media executives. The legal firms defending Scientology in the DeCresenzo Case includes Kendall, Brill, and Kelly LLP of Los Angeles---who are specialists in media-related laws. Another is Rabinowicz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky, and Liebermann, PC of Broadway, NYC. They too advertise that "Art and Media Law" is among their specialties. Jeffers, Mangels, Butler, and Mitchell LLP, whose office is on the very Avenue of the Stars in Los Angeles, are also retained by the Entertainment Industry, according to their website. 

      Even if this case had gone to trial, it would likely have been blacked out by the media anyway.  

     Personally, I would like to have seen it go to trial for the wider reason that it would have forced a Federal Court to rule on the legality of forcing an abortion on someone who was a legal minor. The fact that the Scientologists' high-priced legal talent couldn't find a single justification after nearly a decade of litigation seems to imply that there are no such legal grounds. That one we'll have to leave to the pro-life activists. 

     Meanwhile, Scientology's commander-in-chief David Miscavage got hurt where it hurts his breed the worst: in the wallet. Congratulations to everybody who got some justice done; let's hope it won't be the last. 




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