Sunday, July 15, 2018


     There was an interesting article today in the British media pointing out that some 21 op-ed letters were published in major newspapers opposing Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court. All of these letters bore different signatures, but every one of them were identical in content. 

      It's almost gotten to the point where when one thinks that the US Media can't sink any lower, the media somehow manages to do it.

     So far, only the Dallas Morning-News and the Sonora (California) Union-Democrat have scrubbed the letters and apologized to readers. It should be noted that both of these papers are owned by regional media concerns and are largely independent of the MSM. 

     The White House shrugged off the incident, accustomed to they are to sophomoric attacks from allegedly respectable news sources. Quinton Hilyer of The National Review suggested that the opposition to Kavanaugh is probably largely the work of paid trolls, although most Left-Wing activist groups have denied any involvement in the scam. We simply need recall the 2016 elections and remember that the DNC is not above these kinds of sleazy tactics.  That's one reason why they lost in 2016 and also why their attempts to derail Kavanaugh's nomination will fail. Trump offers the people a genuine person, with whom they can relate. He's hated by the Liberals and the Swamp-RINOs who governed for 30 years with nothing but fear and manipulation and no substance. People are seeing them for what they are; and that exposure is driving them insane. 

       In the interests of full disclosure, I haven't reviewed the career of Brett Kavanaugh sufficiently to have an informed opinion of support or opposition. But the initial Left-Wing hysteria is circumstantial evidence that the President has made a good choice. Trump has begun a major initiative to change Beltway Culture; and he's well on his way to overhauling the entire Executive Branch. His next Supreme Court pick is a solid move to reforming the Judicial Branch. If Kavanaugh is confirmed as Neil Gorsuch was; one more Court vacancy will give Trump appointees 1/3 of the highest court in the land. No wonder the Deep Statists' minds are paralyzed with fear---causing them to do stupid things like sending fake op-eds which were bound to get found out.

      This is also why there is reason for optimism in the 2018 and 2020 Elections. The Left not only has no leadership; they have no ideas either. Whatever their rhetoric, their only argument is that we were better off as a nation under the Clinton/Obama Eras. It's obvious that we weren't; so the Left resorts to scandal, fearmongering, and cheating in vain hope of deceiving enough people to the contrary.  

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