Sunday, July 22, 2018


      Once upon a time, Hollywood actually produced enjoyable entertainment. Today, it's become such a cultural abyss that few film and television pioneers would even recognize. True, some awful things went on behind the scenes back then too. But even so, the media executives cultivated a decent image. Scandals weren't tolerated. 

     But that was then, this is now. The media moguls today advance the notion that it's somehow 'sophisticated' and 'enlightened' to open the sewers and present whatever flows out of it as representative of the 'real' America. The ethos of the slums and red-light districts is really all that Hollywood does stand for today. 

     To shore up ratings and sell advertising the media has to appeal to the lowest and most effete of the population. But that quickly becomes tiresome to the degenerate; and they need ever increasing dosages of titillation and sensation. Today, an idiot like Robert DiNero can spout four-letter words against the present with no context. Or another loser like Sarah Silverman can get a morally-retarded audience to roar with laughter joking about the Crucifixion. Disney films make children's films with overt Feminist and homosexual propaganda, etc.

     Today the Hollywood reprobates announced with great hoopla that the television series, Supergirl will feature a transgendered super-hero, or heroine, or whatever. The part will be played by a former male who now lives under the alias of Nicole Maines. Maines' claim to fame was suing a school in 2016 over access to the Ladies' Room. 

     So basically, what you have here is a rip-off of a comic book with drag-queens as heroes being touted as a hit series. And the people who produce this stuff seriously imagine  themselves a Cultural Elite. 

     The further that these would-be Elites drift from reality to the gutter, the less relevant they will become. In fact, they are already largely irrelevant to everybody but to themselves and to the most vitiated segment of the population. 

      Fifty years ago, Hollywood, the NFL, and the Democratic Party were national institutions. Where are they now? Plummeting into oblivion because they renounced their core ideals and pandered to the lowest-common social denominator. Nobody's willing to follow them there---as they're all learning the hard way.

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