Monday, July 30, 2018


     Attorney-General Jeff Sessions delivered an address today at Summit, hosted by the US Department of Justice, on religious liberty. Archbishop Kurtz of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops was in attendance, along with many DOJ officials and religious leaders. Sessions' speech highlighted the major shift in our government's attitude toward religious freedom.  

      Imagine any of the DNC deep-statists or Swamp-RINOs saying this:

     "Let us be frank.A dangerous movement, undetected by many, is now challenging and eroding our great tradition of religious freedom. There can be no doubt. This is no little matter. It must be confronted and defeated.This election, and much that has flowed from it, gives us a rare opportunity to arrest these trends.  Such a reversal will not just be done with electoral victories, but by intellectual victories.

   "We have gotten to the point where courts have held that morality cannot be a basis for law; where ministers are fearful to affirm, as they understand it, holy writ from the pulpit; and where one group can actively target religious groups by labeling them a “hate group” on the basis of their sincerely held religious beliefs. This President and this Department of Justice are determined to protect and even advance this magnificent heritage."

      The major policy shift implied here is, as Sessions notes, an intellectual one. The Cultural Marxists have been pushing the 'personal is political' attitude upon us for decades. There's nothing more personal than one's faith. Sessions is stating flatly here that the day of government imposing its will on faith is over.

      Now some will say, 'well, we've heard this rhetoric before, and what ever changes?' This is another main difference between this Administration and previous ones. The Trump Administration backs up its words with actual deeds. Sessions announced the creation of a new DOJ Task Force:

 "Today I am announcing our next step: the Religious Liberty Task Force, to be co-chaired by the Associate Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy. The Task Force will help the Department fully implement our religious liberty guidance by ensuring that all Justice Department components are upholding that guidance in the cases they bring and defend, the arguments they make in court, the policies and regulations they adopt, and how we conduct our operations.  That includes making sure that our employees know their duties to accommodate people of faith. As the people in this room know, you have to practice what you preach. We are also going to remain in contact with religious groups across America to ensure that their rights are being protected.  We have been holding listening sessions and we will continue to host them in the coming weeks."This administration is animated by that same American view that has led us for 242 years: that every American has a right to believe, worship, and exercise their faith in the public square."

         This is fantastic news. In the full speech, Sessions highlighted some of the victories that the Justice Department has won for Religious Freedom. The creation of this Task Force will give existing laws some real teeth. The legal victories we've won since 2017 are just the beginning. The pernicious activities of the anti-Christian Left have already been curtailed quite sharply by Sessions' executive orders, new guidelines, etc. But the creation of this Task Force will enable the FBI and other federal authorities to investigate cases of religious discrimination more proactively. The Steamroller that's been flattening drug pushers, swamp creatures, and gang members is about to plow under militant anti-Christian activists. 

      As can be imagined, the Whacko Left went berserk all over the Internet at this announcement. The fake-news outlet The Daily Beast called the move "a holy war against LGBTQ people!" That headline is fairly typical of the hysteria being churned out by the Gay Mafia and the Corporate Media who no longer have Christians to bilk for cash with frivolous lawsuits.

      The full text of the Attorney-General's speech can be read here, and it's definitely worth reading, because Sessions recounts several cases not reported by the Corporate Media. He also outlines the Administration's fundamental policies on Religious Freedom. 

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