Wednesday, July 18, 2018


    So there's been a recent spate of drivers for the taxi service, Uber, reportedly going berserk on the roadway. Last week, a group of interns going to a pro-Trump were refused service by a hysterical driver. During the weekend, some young women were traveling to a GOP rally in Raleigh when the driver---allegedly screaming 'Welcome to the Resistance!'---dumped them off at a random gas station.

     Uber has so far refused any apology over either incident. This shouldn't surprise anyone: in 2016, the company donated almost $200,000 to the Democratic Party and has spent $1.8 million on lobbyists. According to Open Secrets, 32 out of the 41 Beltway lobbyists retained by Uber are revolving-door former government employees, including the ex-wife of arch-Deep Stater, Tony Podesta. 

     In London, England last November the local authorities revoked Uber's license after crime statistics showed that Uber's drivers committed half of the sexual assaults in Great Britain. Even the Liberal demagogues at CNN were obliged to report that over 100 American drivers have been charged with similar crimes. Ex-TV star-turned-activist Pamela Anderson has publicly stated that Uber is unsafe for women. Overall, Uber has a reputation as a very shady outfit---personally I don't mind paying extra for a regular taxi. 

     What these incidents and others like them should do is remind us what we could expect if the Whacko Left ever came to power again. These people are doing on a personal level what they'd be doing on a national scale. In fact, only a short time ago, scumbags like New York Governor Cuomo boasted that Conservatives "had no place" in his state. The military was being purged---like the media and academia before. States were trying to blacklist religious charities who refused things like abortion and 'gay marriage'. Caterers, pharmacies and others were being shut down for the same reasons. Obama and Clinton were vowing to suppress free speech and free religion after 2016---and already CEO's were being fired and local politicians locked up for refusing to bow down to the Thought Police. 

     To the Left, Liberalism is dogma. The political positions they hold are, to them, simply what is. Their whole ego-identity and self-esteem is so closely tied to their politics that they, by and large, have turned into fanatics. The Uber drivers, the nutcases attacking people in restaurants, the violence and riots: these aren't the work of rational minds willing to compromise or debate. They are, as the infamous photo of Kathy Griffin with the severed head graphically illustrate,  ready to resort to the Guillotine if they think it necessary.

     Meanwhile, our best course of action is to boycott companies like Uber. And also, we should keep a sharp eye out for Leftist Whackos cracking up in public. See Something, Say Something. When some crackpot makes a scene in a restaurant, call the police. By all means, notify the authorities if you see Leftists doing something violent or destructive. 


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