Thursday, July 12, 2018


     The Sessions Steamroller sent up an S.O.S. today---in this case, though, referring to a new initiative, The Synthetic Opioid Surge. The success of an experimental program in Florida led to the US Department of Justice deploying the new tactics and procedures in ten areas hard-hit by the Opioid Epidemic. The only targeted area on the West Coast is in Eastern California, and that area definitely needs it. The other regions are in Appalachia, Ohio, Maine, and New Hampshire.

     The pilot program was executed in Manatee County, Florida. The FBI and DEA organized a coordinated system with local authorities. Essentially, while the latter rounded up street-level drug-dealers, the Federal authorities investigated the supply-chains and logistics of the case. Sessions reported today that six months ago, Manatee County EMT's responded to an average of 11 overdoses per day. Today, they average less than 1 per day; reflecting a 77% drop in overdoses overall. Fatalities from Narcosis dropped by 75% during the same period. 

    As a side note, the few US media outlets covering that story six months ago universally predicted that it would fail. Just as predictably, the MSM is silent as to its success. 

    Sessions spoke today at a ceremony today announcing the appointment of long-time special investigator Uttam Dhillon to DEA chief. The two believe that the new program will result in the downfall of major distribution networks. In criminology, their theory is sound. The weakness in drug trafficking---as with all criminal organizations---is security. The larger the organization grows, the more difficult it is to maintain secrecy. All ten of the districts in which S.O.S. will operate are among the worst in the country---and it's not improbable that a very few distributors are sitting at the top of the pyramid. Dhillon mentioned capturing a single suspect in the Florida program who "had enough heroin to kill tens of thousands of people." 

     We hear numbers like this from federal officials, and watch Left-Wing whackos roll their eyes cynically. But this is no exaggeration. A little over half a pound of pure heroin is quite sufficient to take out 10,000 people. Fentanyl, an even more potent Opioid, can do the same damage on a little over half an ounce. 

     In the wrong hands, these things are tantamount to biochemical weapons. Of course, drug pushers need customers, so they don't deploy these agents like a terrorist would. But Opioids are incredibly addictive and in minute amounts like these, accidents are bound to happen. 64,000 fatally, in fact, during Obama's last year in office. Narcotic overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. The Trump Administration has made it a priority not only to fight the drug epidemic, but to win it. This includes not only enforcement but new approaches to treatment as well.

      During the next few months it will be interesting to see what happens. But for the first time in a long time, something is actually getting done. 


  1. Amen! I am so pleased with President Trump for finally addressing this issue. And Melania, too! It's going to be a long uphill trek, but it is a vast improvement over the downhill slide we've been on. Quite simply, I just got really tired of watching the devastation, the loss of lives, and feeling so powerless about it all. So, really grateful to finally have some leadership that seems to genuinely care.

    1. Unlike previous 'drug wars' Trump and Sessions look like they're actually fighting to win. By all objective reports, they're destroying distribution networks and it's having an effect. This Spring, the US and China set up an international task force to suppress the traffic from Asia and recently the US and Israel set up a similar program to stop the traffic from the Middle East.