Wednesday, July 11, 2018


   While perusing the so-called Manosphere today, we noticed a lot of arm-flapping over some article published on a Red Pill blog called Neon Revolt. This blog had an article supposedly explaining the online enigmas of our old friend, Q Anon.

     Q Anon is person (or persons) unknown who began posting on 4Chan and Twitter around last Halloween. His posts read about like textbook cases of patients free-associating during a Psychotherapy session. And it's not improbable that's actually what Q Anon's posts really are. But to Neon Revolt and other Red Pills, these incoherent ramblings contain super-secret information. According to them, Q Anon is an 'insider' exposing a powerful cabal ruling the world---an organization so powerful that it can do anything except censoring information about itself from being revealed on social networking sites.

     What has the Red Pills all excited is the supposed 'paradigm shift' that's supposed to happen when 'the storm' manifests. As Neon Revolt assures us, the Alpha Supermen who've taken the Red Pill are being groomed by Q Anon to be "the vanguard of the Great Awakening." 

                                                  Alphas Rise Up to take Control

    Vox Day, who praises Neon Revolt's article, is eagerly rubbing his hands and hoping for the downfall of the Church: "Rest assured that it is Christians who are going to have the most difficult time accepting the degree to which their understanding not only of the world, but of their own faith, is incorrect."

     Maybe that's because Christians have been taught that "False Christs and false prophets shall arise showing miracles and signs so marvelous that, if it were possible, they would deceive the very Elect." (St. Mark xiii:22) and "Beware of deceivers, for many shall come saying, 'I am Christ and the time draws near.' Do not follow them." (St. Luke xxi:8)  



        Simple, isn't it? Francis is the public pope, and is named; but the real power behind the throne is 'P'. The Rothschilds, George Soros, and the Saudi Royal Family form a Triumverate and they too are named. So we have the name of the antipope, the three organizations who are ruled by the unnamed Jesuit Black Pope. We have all of this information except the first initial of the name of the man at the top. 

       These are the kinds of straws that these anti-Christian fanatics will grasp at. What they really desire is the downfall of organized religion so that their own movements can supplant them. It doesn't look likely to succeed, any more than past attempts have. 

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