Thursday, July 5, 2018


     The ultra-PC city of San Francisco is proving once again that Liberalism turns great cities and states into 3rd-world level garbage dumps. In one week alone, the City's 311 Complaint Line received over 16,000 public complaints about human excrement in the streets. That's almost 2,300 per day. I don't doubt that one bit. The city smells like a public restroom mixed with marijuana smoke. 

     It wasn't always this way. San Francisco used to be one of the best American cities. It went from this:

   To this:

   In one generation. According to Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco Public Works Director, the city already spends $30 million annually to clean the streets and city parks.

   The biggest problem in San Francisco today---and cities of the Pacific Northwest in general---is that the city leadership is in complete denial about the problem. Oh, certainly they'll admit that there are bums, drugs, and filth all over: but they deny that it's worse than any other city and/or that the problems are caused in any way whatsoever by their own policies. Just last month, San Francisco's City Council passed a ban on tobaccos containing flavorants. Swisher Sweets and Borkum Riff are great health-hazards, they reckoned---even though they probably stepped over a few dozen hopheads and piles of human dung to get to the Council Meeting.

     At a certain point, though, reality is going to have to set in. We've warned for a long time that these urban bum-jungles on the West Coast are a disaster waiting to happen. Think of this way: an illegal immigrant carrying some exotic disease---or a terrorist with a contagious biological weapon---can release a pandemic among the street population that could spread like wildfire through an entire city. Infected bums will probably run to other cities and set off a chain-reaction. 

      A scenario like that is a real possibility. Typhus, Bubonic Plague, Ebola, Diptheria and other epidemics were spread in the past by lack of sanitary conditions in urban areas. 

      But try and explain any of this to an average West Coast Liberal and you'll likely get met with a furious onslaught of outrage. They'd rather pretend that wading through piles of human waste and discarded is somehow all the Republicans' fault and turn their anger on us instead. 



  1. I first went to San Francisco when I was about 13 (59 years ago.) It was gorgeous. Then I went again when I was about 34 and while it was still gorgeous, we didn't feel safe walking around at night - mainly where the cable cars were. Now I wouldn't even bother to go. So sad.

    1. By coincidence, the first picture was taken in 1958, about the time that you were first there. First SF became a mecca for the Drug Culture; then the Homos invaded; and then the tech-industry Left and hipster-scene types; and then the bums. I used to like the Bay Area---now I never go near that horrid place unless I have to.