Thursday, August 2, 2018


       Well, today is the first of August and it appears that our friend Q Anon has misfired on one of his predictions. 

       This was to be the month that "the world discovered the truth." About what, he doesn't say; although the previous sentences allude to bumbling bureaucrats, dead cats that bounce, and the moral righteousness of panic. 

        This hasn't slowed down the movement, however. The Corporate Media noticed a few of Q's supporters at a GOP Rally in Florida tonight at which President Trump was in attendance. 

     We only spotted one or two Q-Anon signs in the crowd, although the Corporate Media made it sound as though there were thousands of his acolytes present. 

     In today's media climate, we can't be certain that these Q-supporters weren't really hired by the press themselves for staged photo-ops. The way that the Corporate Media suddenly all had 'Q Anon' stories lined up on cue is a bit suspicious. And for the Media to be accusing others of fanning conspiracy theories is hypocritical, to say the least. 

     This is really a part of the reason why Q and others like him gain so much public currency these days. A large part of our population---if not the majority---have completely lost faith in the American Mainstream Media. This failure of media credibility opens up a huge opportunity for confidence-men and conspiracy-kooks to exploit a public hungry for real information. It's only in a vacuum left by the absence of professional journalists that things like Pizzagate, the Sandy Hook Hoax Theory, and Q Anon can flourish.

      If we had real journalists again, it wouldn't be up to a few freelance bloggers to expose stories like the one above as a hoax. Instead, our postmodern 'journalists' spread lies of their own. They behave as though they resent Q Anon---not because he's misinforming people, but because they no longer have a monopoly on misinformation. 

     The real 'calm before the storm', I think, is that our culture is in a transition phase between the collapse of the Media Establishment and the return of Professional Journalism. In our system of free enterprise, a vacuum doesn't last very long. Right now, we're seeing the rise of independent outlets; although the first wave of it is deeply biased and partisan. For example, we have The Young Turks on the Left and Info Wars on the Right. These types of shows are setting the pattern: access to information uncontrolled by interest groups. What they haven't learned yet is professional objectivity. When entrepreneurs realize that people want objectivity, that will be the way of the future. And a future without our Corporate Media can't be anything but a positive one. 





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