Thursday, August 16, 2018


     In the 'Sanctuary City' of Sacramento yesterday, FBI and ICE agents raided the apartment of 45 year-old Omar Ameen. Ameen is an Iraqi national who was in the country as a legal alien, who settled in Sacramento under Obama's Refugee Resettlement Program. He was in the process of applying for Permanent Residency when taken into custody. 

     The problem? It turns out that Ameen is wanted in Iraq for war crimes committed while in the service of the ISIS Caliphate. Iraq's Ministry of Justice alleges that Ameen, a native of Rahwa, Anbar Province, was a known member of Al-Qaeda prior to the rise of the Caliphate. Ameen joined ISIS and rose to become a commander. He returned to his hometown with a gang of thugs and murdered a local police chief who'd put him on a Watch List. The Iraqi Government states, on witness testimony, that during the ISIS Occupation of Rahwa, Ameen participated in numerous crimes including deploying IED's to murder soldiers and civilians alike. 

     KCRA-3 News in Sacramento obtained a social media post of Ameen and his ISIS cohorts boasting about the murder. They also reported that Iraqi witnesses believe that Ameen was involved in a 2006 murder at the Karaballa Military Base.

     Didn't Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry assure us that there were no terrorist infiltrators among the refugees? Apparently they were wrong. They did, however, deny Iraqi and Syrian Christians refugee status. The Liberal Deep-Statists were uncomfortable about allowing any more Bronze Age Bigots into the country; but Al-Qaeda and ISIS members fit in much better with their ideology and political goals. 

     In January, Sacramento Mayor Daniel Steinberg boasted that his city "would join, if not lead, any effort to fight threats against Sanctuary City status with litigation...That's the only stand to take on behalf of this city; which turned out 25,000 people to Capitol Mall : a city which prides itself on its incredible diversity!" Steinberg has been rather quiet about this incident, however. The Corporate Media has been trotting out the predictable "shocked neighbor" stories and legal 'experts' questioning whether or not Ameen's civil rights are being violated. 

     But it's good to know that, for once, we actually have a Federal Government willing to stand up to the PC 'narrative' and do the right thing. If convicted in Iraq, Ameen faces a sentence of death by hanging. 



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