Tuesday, August 28, 2018


     There was a sad story out of Denver today about a 9 year-old boy who committed suicide by hanging himself. The even sadder part of the story is that this tragedy is being exploited by both the boy's mother and by homosexual radicals. According to what his mother has been telling the Denver media, her son was 'bullied after coming out as gay.' 

    Wait, though. How could a 9 year-old possibly believe that he was a homosexual? Didn't all of the homo activists tell us that their so-called 'equality movement' had nothing to do with grooming children? Who put this idea into this boy's head? Because anybody who knows anything at all of child psychology knows perfectly well that it is impossible for anyone to be a cognizant homosexual at 9 years of age. 

    One clue might be discovered in a statement from the school principal, one Christine Fleming, which read in part: "Our formal policies and practices reflect this commitment to ensuring that our LGBTQ+ students can pursue their education with dignity---from policies and training to stop bullying; to formal policies and guidance materials that fully respect gender identity, including the use of preferred pronouns and restrooms." Apparently, our cultural 'elites' have 'redefined' child psychology too. 

     When the Homos were pushing for so-called 'marriage equality' we were told that they simply wanted to redefine marriage. But a lot of us argued back then that normalizing this kind of sexual perversion by extension would change all of the civilized norms upon which heterosexual marriage is based. Since the nuclear family underpins civilization, that 'redefinition' was going to be extensive. Since 2016, we've seen challenged:

1. Parental rights over the sexual education of their children;

2. The rights of communities to protect their children from homosexual propaganda or homosexual activists;

3. The rights of medical and psychological professionals to address and treat sexual dysfunction;

4. The belief that genders have unique properties and are complimentary to one another; 

5. The rights of professional educators and sociologists to give appropriate guidance to children transitioning into responsible adults. 

      The past 100-150 years of Developmental Psychology have shown that boys and girls develop differently. From roughly age 8-12, boys go through a homosocial phase in which they bond with other boys, join teams, clubs, etc. and generally don't like/eschew the company of females. This is a normal part of growing up for boys: it's a period which is crucial to developing a boy's masculine identity. It's not uncommon that boys will develop an emotional (not sexual) attachment to adult male figures whom they respect: famous men from history, athletes, fictional heroes, etc. 

      It should be obvious too, that this age is the one in which boys are most vulnerable to homosexual predators/groomers. To 'redefine' the homosocial stage of male childhood development into a homosexual one is dangerous in the extreme. 

     The people who were really responsible for this boy's death are his mother, the school district, the Pride-pushers, and the fools residing in Denver who tolerate the promotion of these destructive behaviors. That he was the victim of a completely dysfunctional environment is evident from his manner of death. And we as a society need to stop pretending that such dysfunction is normal.



  1. Thanks for addressing this, Nightwind.

    Lurking beneath this issue is the fact that this child was a victim of sexual abuse. It may have been limited to emotional and psychological sexual abuse perpetrated on him by his mother and the school district, but most likely it also included this kid being physically groomed into homosexuality by a pedophile. It would be very hard to force a sexual identity on a 9 yr old who had no awareness of sexuality and no experience with sexual behavior.

    One of tragedies being inflicted upon us by the LGBT lobby and tolerance, is that victims of sexual abuse are being manipulated into accepting their victimization as their very identity. So who they are pressured into becoming and perceiving their own selves as, is a rapist, the same person they often harbor rage, resentment, disgust towards. Internalizing that deception and falsely perceiving themselves
    as just like the person who violated them, can lead to suicide. Statistics really reflect that,the highest rates of suicide are so called LGBT youth. The excuse given is always bullying, but given the amount of support and tolerance within our culture today, those numbers should be declining, rather than increasing.

    1. These are all excellent points. The really disgusting part of this story is that all of the adults involved are pointing fingers at 9 and 10 year-old school bullies instead of taking any responsibility for it themselves.