Sunday, August 26, 2018


    Predictably, the Whacko Left has reacted with glee to the death of Senator McCain. And they've even managed to use the event to bash President Trump. Trump offered his condolences; which some in the Corporate Media denounced as not being effusive enough in its praise for the late Senator; while other pundits accuse Trump of being a hypocrite since he and McCain often quarreled politically. This is standard behavior for the American Left however and should surprise no one. 

    What really stinks though has been the reaction on several so-called Conservative sites. One really stupid site, a Yahoo forum called Individual Sovereignty, actually proclaimed a night-long 'celebration' over McCain's passing. For those unfamiliar with this site, it's moderated by a 'gender-queer' named Bob Hunt and is filled with ex- 'Log Cabin' Republicans; White Supremacists, Red Pills, and various trolls who've been kicked off of other forums. In other words, it's a good place to avoid.

     Over on 4Chan, the home turf of Q-Anon, there were memes posted of people dancing over the news. The Burning Platform blog spread the discredited Q theory that McCain caused the disaster on the USS Forrestal in 1967. The Humble Libertarian blog claimed that McCain was worse than Charles Manson. I've spotted a memes floating around of McCain in Hell. Matt Forney announced a "McCain is Over" party; while Vox Day stated curtly: "I have nothing good to say about the late Senator, except that an Arizona Senate seat is now open." It seems that Trash Culture is infecting a large segment of the Far Right.

      Today, the Senator's death was pushed off the headlines abruptly after a mass-shooting occurred in Jacksonville. What we know so far is that a disgruntled contestant at a video-game tournament went berserk and gunned about two dozen people down before killing himself. How is that incident related to the passing of John McCain?

     It's related in the callousness of the reaction. Those pundits and bloggers dancing around McCain's coffin like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot are of the same spirit as someone who thinks that losing a video-game tournament is grounds for executing the winners. The governing sociopolitical philosophy underpinning the United States is winning through fair competition, compromise, diplomacy and dialogue. We're not (supposed to be) like many other countries where the military, the secret police, and insurgents simply take turns overthrowing each other for political control. And our philosophy too is rooted in Christianity which teaches that by their fruits, you shall know them. 

       In the Greek text, the word 'know' is probably better translated as 'recognize'.  When we see so-called Conservatives acting like disgusting Liberals and applauding McCain's death, rest assured that they have more in common with the Left than with us. 

      And it isn't to be wondered that incidents like this one in Florida happen when the media portrays people throwing parties over the death of political figures with utter disregard for the feelings of their friends and families. One of the best features of Senator McCain's character was his belief in his duty to others; and acting upon those beliefs. As a culture we need desperately to start thinking of our fellow-man again. 


  1. It really is crass. Sad too because the beauty and simplicity of his daughter's words were really quite lovely. That is how you pay tribute to a father, one who served his country and the Lord. When we get all tangled up in identity politics, conspiracies, we often become so jaded and cynical we cannot even receive the simplicity of truth and beauty, and simply take it at face value. Everything becomes a deception and bitterness and darkness rules the day.

    1. Thank you, what you said is exactly true. I remember during the 2008 Campaign listening to media goofballs laughing at the way that McCain walked; sort of hunched over. He got that from permanent injuries after the Viet Cong hung him by his thumbs and beat his back with a steel ramrod for not signing a false confession against the US. His detractors today snort that 'all he did was get captured.' As an American Admiral's son, though, the Communists singled him out for special tortures and abuses.