Friday, August 3, 2018


    Since we pointed out recently the fact that Vox Day's latest gimmick to infiltrate the mainstream has been a complete wash-out, Dark Lord Beale has been on an online rampage. Vox is blaming Conservatives for "not following the leader" and insinuates that mainstream comic venues won't discuss Arkhaven "out of fear of making it more popular."


      But, as we pointed out in the previous article, the industry people aren't discussing Arkhaven material because it's nowhere to be found. The fact that Vox is already playing the Victim Card is a good indication that this project is in some serious trouble. 

       Vox' crowdsourcing campaign for Alt-Hero raised almost a quarter-million dollars, and the project was promoted in Breitbart News and several other venues. And what do they have to show for it? Even a Conservative voice within the comics industry saw the inevitable back in January:

      Those are good questions. And the sales numbers are showing that Alt-Hero hasn't even come close to making any impact on the industry or the industry culture whatsoever. In fact, one of the most remarkable features of the whole Alt-Hero fiasco has been that it's actually been worse than many of us anticipated. Bad artwork; sparse dialogue, incomprehensible storylines on the one hand, and unbelievably bad management and marketing on the other culminated to bring the whole project to nothing. 

      To give an example of how desperate Vox and his followers have become, today they were raving about a "vicious attack on Alt-Hero" in Dynamite Comic's 4th issue of Centipede. A character in that issue said that "Alt-Hero is a joke." The joke is on Vox' disciples; because that issue was released almost a year ago; when Vox was still raising funds:

      And here's how Vox and his toadies at Bounding Into Comics spun it:

    Arkhaven's "ongoing series"?  In October, 2017, Alt-Hero was still on the drawing-boards. But these jokers make it sound as though Dynamite Comics just published the remark yesterday. 

     As a side note, Dynamite Comics ranked #6 in market-share in June, while Arkhaven didn't even have enough sales volume to get a ranking. So much for Vox' ridiculous claim that his "lesser competitors are frightened" over his non-accomplishments. 

      Granted we could use some reform in the comics industry, but Vox and his followers are just compounding the problem.  




  1. I have noticed that many "leaders" in the mrm/Red Pill movement are just attention whores.

    Seems the label really fits here.

  2. I like the quote, "how about just good comics?" That's kind of how I feel about everything. We don't need the far right to balance out the far left, we just need good politics. We don't need red pills to counter feminism, we just need more healthy relationships between men and women. The cure for extremism has never been, "more extremism."